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User Interface

"As companies design for more usability and understanding, they will discover a competitive edge, for these principles save customers, time and money while increasing morale,"- quoting Donald Norman, from his book Psychology of Everyday Things.

Legacy ERPs are characterized as being dull and serious, while Ramco ERP chooses to be the contrary! Every user of an enterprise application would have had the following questions in his mind:

  • Why should I hop between menus?
  • Why should I search for what I need to do?
  • Why do I need a pen and paper to use my ERP?
  • Why do I need training to use the application?
  • My usage pattern keeps varying, where do I find what I need to do?
  • Are ERP’s designed to be used this way?

Ramco ERP on Cloud follows a two-pronged approach to usability:

  • Usability in reaching information
  • Usability in managing information

Ramco's UI, called the Wizard Interface, works with the basic premise of 'fun with intelligence', allowing the user to manage information aesthetically. The key drivers here are: ERPs should be easy, plain and simple to learn, should remind the user when to do what and reduce potential mistakes that happen while using it.

Wizards are a sequential arrangement of activities for a purpose. System wizards are pre-packaged as a part of the solution while custom wizards are the ones that enable users to build their own wizards. In simple terms, the wizard interface, makes sure that the application is simple, hiding all the complexities behind, at the same time giving access to it when needed.

A Click to get a glimpse of the Ultra-Cool Interface

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