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Why Ramco ERP on Cloud?

The Planet’s most agile, robust, powerful and comprehensive ERP.

Paving the Way for Next-Gen Businesses

Ramco ERP on Cloud is an end-to-end Cloud-based business solution that enables businesses achieve business excellence and ride the wave of competition. What makes Ramco ERP revolutionary and relevant for today’s businesses is the unique value proposition that it offers an unbelievably low investment. Based on Ramco’s 20+ years of versatile and rich experience across industries and domains, and its research and investments in Cloud technologies, Ramco ERP is the most comprehensive and powerful ERP ever built for the Cloud.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud, Ramco Systems has democratized its state of the art technology for businesses of all sizes. This implies, even businesses with limited budgets for IT automation can leverage the best business automation solution, which earlier only big enterprises could afford.

Since Ramco ERP on Cloud is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, you do not require any investment on new hardware, training, or additional IT staff. This ensures that there is no CAPEX required upfront to go live with the ERP system. What’s more, you can scale your ERP usage up (or down) as your business grows and pay only for what you use as the solution is modular and gives users the choice to pick and choose features according to their business requirement.

Apart from the huge cost benefit, the solution offers huge time savings too as Ramco ERP on Cloud is extremely simple to install and businesses can transition from their legacy system to the full blown ERP solution in a few weeks.

The anywhere, anytime access to real-time business operations provided by the ERP system empowers organizations to achieve end-to-end operational transparency and data consistency. This, in turn, leads to improved inventory accuracy, reduced inventory levels, ensures timely customer deliveries, and reduces overall costs.

Currently, Ramco ERP on Cloud is the most preferred choice for businesses across the globe as it is the only ERP solution that has the business acumen and in-built intelligence to understand the nuances of organisations across industries and verticals.

Ramco ERP on Cloud is a solution from Ramco Systems, a global software solution company, which has invested heavily in the state-of-the-industry service delivery, security technologies, and certification programs.


Unified View of Operations

End-to-End Business Automation for a Unified View of Operations

Have a 360-degree view of your business, anytime, from anywhere.

Ramco ERP on Cloud puts all your business functions on to one single platform on the Cloud and automates and integrates them, end-to-end. With this unified view of business, you can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time to market. Ramco ERP on Cloud is the most powerful and comprehensive suite of Cloud-based business applications that delivers powerful functionalities, which are in-depth, flexible and scalable in nature. The end-to-end ERP includes comprehensive features to manage all facets of your business with solutions for financial management, management accounting, human capital management, supply chain management, discrete production, process production, tool management, maintenance management, service management, customer relationship management and warranty management.

Ramco ERP on Cloud draws its strength from more than 20 years' experience of Ramco in the enterprise software market and the company's exhaustive research in Cloud technologies and platforms. The ERP is built on Ramco's revolutionary enterprise application assembly and delivery platform - Ramco VirtualWorks®, which is the most advanced technology architecture for building applications for the Cloud.

Scale as Business Grows

Scale as Your Business Grows, and Pay Only for What You Use

Enjoy absolute freedom of use.

Research shows that 70% of companies use only 26% of their ERP functionalities. Considering this, Ramco ERP on Cloud offers you the flexibility to choose just the "right" functionality from its suite of enterprise applications, depending on your current business requirements and pay only for what you use.

Since Ramco ERP on Cloud is available via a scale-up subscription-based model, it gives the control of scaling the ERP usage up or down, in your hands. You can "subscribe" only to those functionalities that your business absolutely requires, at a specific point in time and discontinue the ones that you no longer require. This allows you to increase or decrease the number of users and quickly adapt to market dynamics.

Business Insights in Real-Time

Built-in Intelligence and Analytics Capabilities to Power Your Business Decisions

Get access to valuable business insights in real-time, and take decisions that set trends that the competition follows.

Ramco ERP on Cloud comes packed with in-built analytics capability to empower organizations to 'Measure, Monitor and Manage' their business growth based on one or many yardsticks such as—function-wise, resource-wise, department-wise, season-wise, month-on-month or year-on-year growth vis-a-vis short- and long-term business goals.

What's more, Ramco ERP allows senior decision makers in organizations to conduct a comprehensive analysis of data and processes on a real-time basis. This enables them to make informed and well-considered decisions, on-the-fly The solution has in-built capabilities to slice and dice the business data and generate MIS reports at the click of a few buttons. In addition, the solution provides a dashboard view of the business in the form of quick-to-grasp pictorial representations, such as pie diagrams and graphs.

Faster Implementation

Now, Get On Board Quickly!

Who says it takes eternity to implement an ERP solution?

Gone are the days when businesses had no option but to endure unreasonably long ERP implementation time, ranging between 8 and 18 months, or more. Most often, 60% of these implementations would overshoot project time by over 50%.

Ramco ERP on Cloud addresses this pain point faced by organizations in a methodical way. Since the solution is built on Ramco VirtualWorks®, the most advanced and revolutionary enterprise application assembly and delivery platform on the Cloud, this has made the entire process of implementation, scientific and brisk.

Ramco follows a milestone-based deployment, which mandatorily involves various stages such as registration, environment setup, role verification, user training, master data collection, opening balance upload, and go live. This methodical implementation reduces deployment time drastically.

Unbelievably low TCO

State-of-the-Art Enterprise Resource Planning at Unbelievably Low TCO

IT's affordable, yet, the best cloud ERP amongst the lot!

Ramco ERP on Cloud is the first and the most comprehensive suite of business solution available on the Cloud. Built on Ramco System's most advanced Cloud technology framework, the solution percolates the benefits of an enterprise level solution to even organizations of small and mid size. Because it is Cloud based and delivered through the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, there is no upfront CAPEX involved. Ramco ERP on Cloud is available on the Internet, on a subscription model, and requires no additional licences. So, if you opt for Ramco ERP, you will only incur OPEX, that too, based on the usage made. You will also have the freedom to pay as you use.

Because Ramco ERP on Cloud is hosted on the Cloud, you need not invest in the new IT infrastructure such as hardware, middleware, networks, and so on. Also, since the solution is operated on the Internet and is wholly managed by Ramco Systems, this eliminates the need for exclusive IT staffing in your office to take care of the solution. The maintenance, security and business continuity is assured by Ramco Systems as part of the product.

Where else will you get so much freedom and flexibility and yet have access to the world's most unique and powerful ERP system?

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Now, you are never away from your business!

Since Ramco ERP on Cloud is accessible over the Internet, it gives you the freedom to access information from any part of the globe at the click of a browser button. Apart from this, the solution gives you the freedom to access your business processes on your handheld mobile devices such as personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones and tablet PCs.

This gives business managers the flexibility to stay in touch with their business operations, even when they are out ofoffice. They can monitor, manage and execute tasks even when they are on the move.

Geographically, spread out teams can also function better with improved information availability.

Power of Simplicity

Power of Simplicity that Impresses

Intuitiveness that Renders Ease of Use

Whether it is an object or technology, the simpler it is, the more it appeals to the human senses, and the better are its chances of being liked and adopted by users. We, at Ramco Systems, also believe in power of simplicity and strive to build technological advanced solutions that are most simple to use.

A lot of thought and effort has gone in making Ramco ERP on Cloud an intuitive and powerful suite of business applications that are extremely simple to use.

To ensure ease of operations, Ramco ERP on Cloud comes with easy-to-understand user interfaces. Intuitive Web-like features, online tutorials, and actionable alerts and prompts for transactions, help you at every stage of each transaction and accelerates ease of adoption.


Interoperability and Connectivity with Applications, Devices, Platforms

Automate, expand, collaborate and leverage your "Extended Enterprise"

Built on Ramco VirtualWorks®, the most revolutionary and flexible enterprise application assembly and delivery platform, Ramco ERP on Cloud gives you the power to connect with your business community of customers, suppliers, employees, sub-contractors, foreign collaborators, principals, OEMs, franchisees, distributors, agents and many more.

Our superior technology enables integration with other portals, such as eCommerce sites, wireless or wired mobile devices (such as PDAs, Tablet PCs and Netbooks), business applications of other vendors (such as external financial management applications), and allows support for new age business process peripherals such as RFID, and Bar Code Scanners.

This functionality of the solution empowers you with the freedom to collaborate and expand the scope of your business by integrating your business processes, easily, with external software applications, other business entities and technology platforms with unimaginable ease.

Utmost Security

Utmost Security Assured for Your Most Critical Asset—Business Data

Your business data is guarded, backed up and secured to ensure business continuity through the latest and world-class security mechanisms.

At Ramco, we practice agile methodologies, and have deployed state-of-the-art certification to ensure the security of customer data is never compromised.

Ramco ERP on Cloud's robust security measures outperform any of the security measures that are commonly fused in with an on-premise model. In the event of disaster, we have a backup data center that makes the system up and running in quick time and the customers don't face any blackouts.

Ramco is equally and more concerned about data security like its customers. To protect the data, Ramco system has put in place a comprehensive Information Security System as mandated by ISO27001 standards. Ramco Systems is SAS 70 Type II certified, which is a well-known security standard. This security system was subject to rigorous audit by BSI of London before certification was awarded. The certificate is an authentication of data and information security at the data center of Ramco Systems.

So, your data stored in Ramco's data centers is much more secure than it would possibly be when it is within your own premises much like the household valuables that we often keep in the third party lockers.

Global Solution

A Truly Global Solution, Supporting Multi-currency, Multi-tax, Multi-lingual and Multi-country Operations

A global ERP that is fully equipped to cater 'local' needs of its customers, worldwide.

Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you effectively manage you global business across multiple subsidiaries, business units and legal entities. The solution supports transactions to be carried out in multiple currencies. This is of immense significance when you are handling imports to and exports from different countries.

Ramco ERP on Cloud provides an excellent repository of various statutory reports in direct and indirect forms. Other than the ledger and listing reports, the ERP solution provides you great capabilities to generate many statutory reports including Balance Sheet and Income Statements as per Schedule VI, Financial Statement reports in user-defined format, RG 23A Part I & II, RG 23C Part I&II, RG23D, Daily stock account, ER1 and ARE1 forms. You can also extract data and generate reports from Sales register, Purchase Register, VAT Register, Service Tax Register, and TDS Register for satisfying your regulatory requirements.

Localization enables 'personalized solution assembly' combining the benefits of products and custom solutions.

The solution is fully internationalized. Key highlights of the system include:

  • Support for 170+ currencies
  • Supports accounting standards across Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa
  • Localized to 15+ languages

Proven Track Record

Trusted by a Large and Loyal Customer Base

Ramco Systems has a proven track record for over 20 years in delivering the most simple and powerful business solutions to its customers.

Enterprises or SMEs/SMBs; start-ups or industry moguls—our customers across industries and size testify to the unique value proposition that our solutions offer. Today, we have over 150000 users, spread across 35 nations, who have invested their trust in Ramco and share a long-term association (as long as a decade, or more) with us. We enjoy a strong emotional connect with our customers and try to address each and every requirements of theirs through our solutions, services and support.

"With our long relationship, we consider Ramco as our partner than a vendor."
- Henkel  

Reliable Support

Reliable and 24/7 Support Available Worldwide

We are there, wherever our customers need us to be.

Over 150000 users spread across 35 nations, have invested their trust in Ramco. To sustain this trust, we work tirelessly to provide the most innovative business solutions to our customers to help them simplify and streamline their work challenges. This is not all. We provide exhaustive assistance, training and support to them so that they are able to fully leverage the power of our revolutionary solutions.

Whenever and wherever our customers need us, we are committed to reach out to them, at the earliest, through our worldwide support network. We provide 24 x 7 customer support through multiple channels. Regular updates to customers are done on an ongoing basis through on-site and off-shore training and webinars.

Tangible ROI

Tangible ROI: Exponential Revenue & Profit Growth, and Diminishing Costs

We are committed to deliver rich returns on each penny that you invest in our solutions.

Our solutions are known for delivering conspicuous and quantifiable ROI, sooner than you can imagine. No wonder, we are trusted by over 150,000 users for our future-proof solutions that have helped them achieve significant returns on their investment.

Following is a snapshot of the latest customer survey:

  • Reduction in operational cost by at least 30% for over 500 customers
  • 30%+ Revenue Growth for over 400 customers
  • 30%+ Profit Growth for over 400 customers

Ramco has enabled many organizations, facing complex business challenges, to quickly transform into lean and efficient money spinning entities. Ramco ERP on Cloud has become an integral part of the growth story of our customers spread across 35 countries.

Business benefits for organizations worldwide using Ramco's Enterprise Solutions

Glove-Fit Solution

A Glove-fit solution that's custom-built and custom-shipped

Our industry-specific solutions can sense the pulse of your business and offer unique value proposition, at minimal costs.

Ramco has gained extensive domain expertise and over 20 years of experience in understanding the business process requirements of organization in 40+ verticals.

As a result, Ramco solutions, including Ramco ERP on Cloud, capture industry best practices as well as deep functional business process expertise. You can benefit from the knowledge captured in these solutions and enjoy production-grade enterprise applications with rapid, flexible deployments.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can address distinct, evolving needs of your business to compete and succeed in your industry. As the ERP solution is completely modular, you can choose the functions you need, to achieve the perfect fit for your business, addressing your industry requirements.

This is made possible simply because Ramco leverages its growing repository of 1,000+ re-usable enterprise-class components, and custom-built components to collaboratively assemble an enterprise solution that fits like a glove.

Stay Ahead

The most innovative ERP on the cloud

We innovate to build out-of-the box solutions that help our customers stay ahead of the pack.

Our passion to innovate keeps us ahead of the technology curve. Ramco is an early mover, a sophisticated IT company, and a visionary to foresee the benefits of SaaS for its customers. While the world was still evaluating possibilities on the Cloud, we had already launched the most powerful ERP on the cloud delivered through the Internet. Our 20+ years of research and investments in Cloud technologies has resulted in the most comprehensive, future-proof and revolutionary suite of enterprise applications that covers the entire business lifecycle—from the shop floor to the boardroom, on the cloud. We have revolutionized the way software is built and delivered so that our customers gain the crucial competitive edge they need in this demanding business environment.