With the advent of new gen aircraft deliveries & increasing air traffic year on year, airlines and their fleet in service today want the best in class MRO treatment and the shortest TAT possible at the same time.

Given the challenges of regulatory compliance, resource optimization and supply chain, how do MRO’s & Operators today surge ahead of the rest in their region? Does Technology play a key role in handling these challenges? Will automation cut down aircraft maintenance time? Find below what Technology can do for the core segments of the Aviation Industry.


Airlines face a large amount of data to manage their complex and rigorous demands of Fleet maintenance everyday. Can Technology address their challenges and aid airlines to manage, improve & expand their business processes in turn maximizing productivity at lower costs?


Promising a very aggressive TAT to its customers is critical for MRO service providers as TAT violation is one of the biggest cause for revenue leakage. Can Next-Gen MRO Tech cut down TAT?

Heli Operators

Next-Gen rotorcraft perform complex diagnostics, dynamic maintenance packaging and autonomic logistics. However, reaping the benefits of the billion-dollar purchase requires equally advanced off-board IT system. Looking for a Best-Fit IT Solution for managing next-gen rotorcraft?

Small Operators & Low Cost Carriers

Be it small operators or low cost carriers, they face the challenge of operating with limited manpower in order to deliver superior customer service in addition to the operational challenges. Mainstream M&E MRO Solution is now a reality for a nominal annual/monthly fee.

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  • We have shared a great working relationship with Ramco. The upgrade will further automate our maintenance operations and provide better visibility of inventory & purchase operations.

  • Within a short timeframe and limited resources from our end, we have transitioned to a modern and sophisticated M&E system provided by Ramco.

  • The Ramco Aviation Suite V5.7 coupled with ‘Anywhere Apps’ has certainly lived up to our expectations. With the new mobile application features, we will be able to perform operations on the go and further cut down on operational hassles

  • We were using multiple disparate IT systems which often yielded inaccurate data and required extensive manual labour to rectify. This was potentially leading to revenue leakage as there was lack of visibility of parts, and components in stores vs sales and invoicing. With a mobile-ready completely integrated system from Ramco, we will be better equipped to address these challenges and benefit from a scalable, integrated and web-architected Cloud based system.

  • Moving from some old software program with limited functions to an integrated system has given us the much needed visibility and standardization in processes across operations. The new system has given us the power to track complete component lifecycle, bring in optimization and automate redundant processes thereby increasing overall productivity.

  • The net effect of Ramco is a dramatic improvement in engineering efficiency, optimised fleet management, and reduction in aircraft on-ground time

  • Ramco is what it is because Ramco has built relationships with their customers and takes time to not only hear but listen to the voice of each valued customer. I truly believe Ramco is on the right path

  • Moving from Windows to Web has been a wonderful upgrade

  • This product really makes people add value to our business

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