In an industry, where adoption of the most efficient technology determines survival; hence the question prevails –

How can Operators and MROs stay future ready?

Facing the constantly changing business scenarios with fundamental IT platforms is like taking a pencil to a gun fight. The versatility of a future ready solution built on Next-Gen tech such as Machine based learning and cognitive analytics makes the difference between an on time departure and a 30 minute flight delay.

Introducing Ramco N-GAPS - Next-Gen Aviation Problem Solvers – Customized solutions built ground up for Maintenance engineers and mechanics to take advantage of, in their race against AOG scenarios in cutting TAT. These Modules seamlessly integrate with any existing M&E MRO IT solution deployed.

  • With Ramco Aviation Suite, we are confident of improving our operational efficiency and enhancing the overall performance of our fleet.

  • Within a short timeframe and limited resources from our end, we have transitioned to a modern and sophisticated M&E system provided by Ramco.

  • The net effect of Ramco is a dramatic improvement in engineering efficiency, optimised fleet management, and reduction in aircraft on-ground time

  • Ramco has tremendously helped reduce our turnaround time

  • Moving from Windows to Web has been a wonderful upgrade

  • This product really makes people add value to our business

  • Ramco’s solution will place our enterprise systems under one umbrella, allowing us to reduce costs and streamline processes. A growing number of our current and potential customers have already committed to, or implemented Ramco and this was a driving factor. Enhancing our customers’ experience with Able’s business units is a major priority for us; The Ramco eco-system will help us do just that

Presenting the fastest solution to turnaround an AOG situation - by adding efficiency through Next-Gen Aviation technology - Maintenance Optimization & Shift Planning

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