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Process Control

Drive Excellence across Business Processes.

To sustain and grow in today's competitive environment, manufacturing business houses and energy utilities are being pushed to improve productivity to the optimum level. For achieving this, they are exploring ways to reduce costs of operations, ensure high availability of assets and maintain product quality. Alongside, there are challenges associated with meeting social obligations such as reducing pollution, enhancing mineral life with optimal fuel consumption and elevating operational safety levels. Leveraging information technology and optimizing processes has evolved as the key remedy to overcome these challenges.

In their quest to address these challenges squarely and optimize their complex production processes, most modern process production businesses such as cement, chemicals, power, mineral and metals plants are increasingly realizing the need to deploy advanced process control systems.

However, any process control system can bring about the desired results only when it is offered on a proven technology platform, and is user-friendly. The solution also must have in-built knowledge related to the process nuances, and should be well-integrated with processes and equipment so that it delivers meaningful process information to operators.

Ramco Process Control system squarely addresses all these requirements and helps plant operators, especially those in manufacturing/utilities industries such as cement, chemicals, power, and fertilizer, to achieve optimal performance levels in their plants while combating powerfully with the technological, environmental, and contractual constraints. The solution is equipped with technologically advanced, yet, extremely user friendly tools that help you adapt continuously and promptly to changing conditions.

Ramco Process Control system, thus, can put you and your business in an advantageous position by empowering you to optimize processes, significantly, and establish advanced process control systems with utmost ease.


Reach the Pinnacle of Process Optimization.

Ramco OPTIMA is a world-class process optimization solution that has been designed to improve plant productivity and efficiency in manufacturing/utilities industries such as cement, power, chemical and fertilizers. The solution enables you to achieve online control through technologies and models, thus improving the process operations. Ramco OPTIMA leverages state-of-the-art technologies like fuzzy logic, regression analysis, and Artificial Intelligence techniques like neural network and model predictive control to offer the best in class optimization solutions.

Ramco OPTIMA consistently endeavors to stabilize processes, maintain consistent quality and lower operational costs. Further, it eliminates any loss due to human error and multiple operator behavior syndromes. The solution is user friendly and does not require any computer coding. Its modular design facilitates your organization to plug in the relevant techniques as required for its operations.

  • Achieve more with less. Improve plant productivity and efficiency in manufacturing/utilities industries, significantly.
  • Ensure high availability of assets and maintain product quality.
  • Stabilize processes; maintain consistent quality and lower operational costs.

Real Time Integrator (RTI)

Get a Firm Grip Over Your Process Control Mechanism.

Process control, a critical process in manufacturing business houses and energy utilities, needs to be fully integrated in the production execution process. Ramco RTI does precisely this, and more. RTI interfaces with various automation and real time performance measurement systems through an open interface. With this interface, the plant control systems like DCS (distributed control system), PLC (programmable logic controller), SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition), vibration analysis devices, bar coding devices, hand-held data collectors and other PC-based systems can be effectively linked to the solution. Using RTI, parameter measurement values, critical alarm conditions, production hours of process units etc., can be transferred to the solution

Ramco RTI automates accurate data collection, thus eliminating the errors inherent in manual entry. Ramco RTI can act as the interface gateway between multiple business functions like Operations, Maintenance, Inventory, Quality Control and multiple real time systems, thereby enabling close and continuous online data capturing across industrial controls, plant management, process management and quality management.

  • Leverage the existing plant control systems through RTI for enhanced process control.
  • Automate accurate data collection from various plant control systems and eliminate the chance of errors inherent in manual entry.

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