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In today’s dynamic business environment, multiple forces impact decision making and timely decisions impact results. This is easier said than done as most IT systems that businesses rely on today are fundamentally built to store and retrieve information. However business intelligence is derived only when complex patterns of data and information are analysed and with traditional IT systems this takes hours to compute. In this context, Ramco offers its Multi-agent based In-Memory Planning and Optimization solution which increases the processing capacity by 100X. As all actions are processed in-memory and real-time, complex analysis is accomplished within seconds and businesses are able to make real-time informed, faster and smarter decisions.

Ramco In-Memory Planning and Optimization Engine can be leveraged across

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Did you Know?
With the power of Ramco iPO, constraint-based Real Time Scheduling is a reality for a leading courier service provider in Singapore. Any pickups or drops gets addressed and percolates down to the delivery agents real-time and has transformed scheduling operations.

Ramco iPO reduced time taken to process payroll for a large enterprise with 110,000 employees from 1 hour 30 minutes to 4 minutes