Ramco Government Resource Planning (GRP) Suite

Enabling Business Transformation for Good Governance

Governments, worldwide, are embracing innovation in technology to ensure good governance. Good governance emphatically expects that Governments and its associated bodies are accountable, transparent, effective, efficient, participatory, consensus oriented and more. Considering that citizens’ expectations from governance are growing, Governments are trying to leverage the power of Information & Communication and Technology (ICT) as a business transformation tool to effectively and efficiently manage all kinds of resources, provide high quality services on time and deliver consistently accurate and professionally managed decisions across its associated organizational machinery.

Ramco Government Resource Planning (GRP) Suite is designed to address these needs and modern day challenges faced by Government entities. The Suite offers a range of product to effectively transform your existing IT infrastructure into a more flexible business process platform, so that you can continue to meet your citizen’s expectations, substantially cut operational expenditures, improve service delivery and transparency, implement policies or move towards large scale technology transformation.

Ramco GRP Suite is a pre-built solution for Governments, covering a full spectrum of Governance processes including Financial Management, Budgeting Planning & Execution, Debt Management, Project Management & Accounting, Procurement, Human Capital Management, Citizen Services and Analytics. Security and access rights to these processes are based on roles and responsibility of the user. This ensures that activities are visible and accessible only to the relevant authorized person to ensure privacy of data. These processes are configurable to suit the specific needs of Governments—whether it is a municipality in South Africa or a provincial Government in India.

Like all Ramco products, Ramco GRP Suite of products is also intrinsically web-designed and provides for increasing collaboration and automation of transactions. The products are truly enabled for handling multi currency functionalities and global business needs with ease.

Financial Management

Enhanced Transparency & Accountability

Ramco GRP Suite offers a comprehensive, end-to-end, self-contained Financial Management system that is so essential for monitoring the bottom line of Governmental units. The product enables prompt and efficient access to financial information and enhances transparency and accountability of Government operations. The product allows recording of data at the point of entry throughout the Governmental transactions, and posting of data to appropriate books of accounts. The product can help in tracking financial transactions involving Federal Units and State Governments. Modules like General Accounting, Receivable, Payables and Fixed Assets can help effectively track financial transactions related to revenues and liabilities arising from dispersed geographic locations of Line Ministries/public sectors in multiple currencies. The product also allows Governments to view the whole gamut of processes between bank and Governmental unit(s), dealing with receipts and payments, electronic fund transfers, bank statement upload and reconciliation, etc. It is integrated with the basic information system to give complete, cross-functional and up-to-the-minute information for quality decision-making. The product also helps monitor the Government’s capital purchases.

  • Effectively and securely track and manage financial transactions involving Federal Units and State Governments. Enhance transparency and accountability of financial operations.
  • Establish better financial and internal controls over data entry, data access, transaction processing and reporting.
  • Effectively handle all activities associated with asset management, end-to-end.

Budget Planning & Execution

Key Tool for Effectively Implementing Government Policy Decisions

Ramco GRP Suite’s Budget Planning & Execution product facilitates formulation of budgets such as Federal and State level Budgets, addressing the needs of economic, organizational and functional classifications of the budget. The different processes involved in budget preparations such as shadow budget preparation, budget proposal preparation and approval of final budget estimates are recorded in the system along with multiple levels of approvals by different departments. Upon discussions with respective departments and other higher authorities, the budgets department submits the finally approved budgets for execution. Budget planning and execution such as transfers to units, expenditures by budgeted units/ agencies can be tracked using the product.

  • Explore a feature-rich product for formulation of budgets such as Federal and State level Budgets as per policy decisions.
  • Ensure fool proof budget planning and formulation via multiple levels of approvals by different departments.
  • Track the performance of the budget execution by monitoring of sectoral growth performances.

Debt Management

The Cornerstone of Financial Stability & Sustainable Fiscal Control

Ramco GRP Suite’s Debt Management product helps to keep control of debt position of the Government. It facilitates to record the details of various debt instruments such as Bonds, Letter of Guarantee and Standing Orders with maturity/repayment dates. You can also record loans and grants information, repayment schedules of interests and principals for different loans, etc. Linking of projects helps in ensuring the developmental activities of the Government are being performed within the framework of budget control and guidelines.

  • Effectively track the status of debts and formulate far-sighted strategies on debts and borrowings.
  • Facilitates real time analysis on financial information and generate comprehensive performance/management reports.
  • Ensure that the developmental activities of the Government are performed within the framework of budget control and guidelines.

Project Management and Accounting

Effective Management of Public Finances for Enhanced Economic Growth

Ramco GRP Suite’s Project Management and Accounting is a comprehensive project management product to record and track development projects (acquisition of Non Financial Assets and Capital Transfers to State Governments). It facilitates capturing the project data, objectives of the project, component details, and fund and budget allocations. Its close integration with budgets and debt modules helps in better control over project disbursements and repayments.

The key information about the project such as nature of the project, sector and sub sector information, tenure of the project and milestone information can be captured for the project. Project source of funds provides clear insights on the nature of donors. Budgets for the projects facilitate control on the execution of the budget in relevant sectoral growth areas. The objectives and results of the projects are useful in reviewing the benefits from the projects against the scheduled one.

  • Record and track development projects (such as acquisition of Non Financial Assets and Capital Transfers to State Governments) from initiation to closure.
  • Record project objectives and gauge resource performance against these pre-scheduled objectives.
  • Have absolute control over project disbursements and repayments.


Ensure Effective and Judicious Handling of Purchases

Ramco GRP Suite’s Procurement product allows to establish a centralized procurement framework at the enterprise level, local procurement at local offices or any combination in between. The product supports the complete purchase process—from the most simple to complex transactions. With the product, you can capture the complete procure–to–pay cycles of Governmental purchasing requirements in a comprehensive manner—right from recording the purchase request to payments/adjustments. Coupled with extensive procurement functionality, the system is capable of handling an enterprise’s complex activities for material procurement for maintenance, capital purchasing, indirect material, etc. In conjunction with other Ramco products such as Ramco Business Collaboration, Ramco Inventory and Ramco Financial Management, the product covers the complete spectrum from sending request for quotation to payment.

  • Capture the complete procure–to–pay cycles of Governmental purchasing requirements—from the most simple to complex transactions.
  • Ensure close and timely monitoring of cash position and cash requirements for improved cash flow planning.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Manage the Most Critical Asset, Responsively

Ramco GRP Suite’s HCM product provides a whole new league of necessary tools and framework to manage the complete recruit-to-retire cycle, strategically. The product allows you to transform traditional HR functions into a comprehensive Human Capital Management programme. From recruitment and training to compensation and motivation, HCM system is designed to streamline the entire recruitment processes, end-to-end. The product enables you to increase workforce performance by timely monitoring, compensating and training the human resource, and align employee goals with organization strategy and objectives.

  • Transform traditional HR functions into a comprehensive Human Capital Management programme.
  • Explore a competency driven HR processes by leveraging rich features of the product such as business rule driven administrative and payroll process, effective workflow management and user-definable security.
  • Increase workforce performance by timely monitoring, compensating and training.

Citizen Services

Provide Accurate Bills & High Service Levels to Citizens

Ramco Citizen Services is a comprehensive customer services management product that provides a consolidated view of the customer, who avails services (water, electricity, solid waste, property rates and community services) from the local sphere of the Government. The product enables accurate billing for the essential, utility, and community services offered by the Government and also facilitates direct interaction with the consumers through web based self service portal. Governments can monitor consumption and payment patterns of citizens, analyze the demographical payment patterns to frame flexible credit control / risk management policies and offer easy payment options to consumers. The product facilitates informed credit control policy decisions and multiple payment options (direct debits, cash counters and online payment gateways) to encourage early realization of revenue from the citizens on a roadmap towards sustainable revenue and progressive growth. Governments can monitor service levels of the departments, effectiveness of reading cycles towards ensuring better services, and accurate billing to the citizens. The solution also facilitates direct interaction with the citizens through a web based self service portal.

  • Setup a one stop “infopedia” on customers and properties to assist call center and front office professionals to profile a customer based on the payment activities.
  • Consolidated view of a consumer and property to facilitate decisions.
  • Online interactive portal facilities for citizens with online payment options. Controlled and ready-to-audit adjustments to handle over read of meters, crossed connections and water loss.


Analyze. Foresee. Decide. Strategize.

Ramco GRP Suite’s Analytics product provides a flexible and robust infrastructure with pre-built analytics, ensuring cross-functional alignment of people, process and technology across multiple perspectives of the Government operations. The product provides with 360 degree view of the operational performance so that one can ‘Measure, Monitor and Manage’ the growth against goals. Ramco GRP Analytics offers the following domain specific analytics: Project Analytics, Debt Analytics (Internal and External Debt), Budget Analytics, Revenue and Expenditure Analytics, Procurement Analytics, etc.

Reports are freely configurable using Ramco’s Drill Down tool that provides facility for linking multiple views that can be drilled down right from a summary level to the lowest transaction information, besides offering a graphical interface and facility to export data to MS Excel spreadsheets.

  • Have a 360 degree view of the Government’s operational performance.
  • Get access to rich domain specific analytics like Project Analytics, Debt Analytics (Internal and External Debt), Budget Analytics, Revenue and Expenditure Analytics, Procurement Analytics, etc.
  • Measure, Monitor and Manage your growth against goals.

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