Employee Engagement matters!

empsense is here to help

We all agree that inspired employees are the most productive. But how would you measure whether an employee is happy and satisfied? Are your employees engaged? Isn’t it true - the more effectively you engage, the more employees you retain.

Globally, businesses have become keener on employee retention to avoid the staggering cost of Employee turnover. Research shows that the turnover cost for a mid-level employee is 150% of his salary whereas the figure escalates to 400% for a senior-level employee. Cost aside, employee turnover is a cumbersome exercise and hence it makes sense to keep a close tab on employee satisfaction. empsense is here to help.

Measure the pulse of your organization with empsense


It is a simple application to measure the level of employee engagement in your organization. It enables employees to capture their mood through a single tap. This can be achieved through any Android enabled device, strategically placed at various locations within the organization.

The solution seamlessly integrates with your employee data through NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled employee identity card. This allows onsite employees to enter the status of their mood. The application can also be integrated with your attendance system which allows you to track attendance and employee mood at the same time. A simple dashboard allows to see engagement trends in real time across geographies. In the long term, it helps to evaluate managerial effectiveness, measure organization’s HR initiatives, and drive engagement outcomes.

In other words, it helps you to capture and manage the pulse of your organization.

Capture Employees’ mood with zero effort

Activate app

Activate app

Tap your ID

Tap your ID

Enter your mood

Enter your mood

Voila! It’s done

Voila! It’s done

Make employee engagement easier with empsense


Measures employee’s mood from a single tap


App-based to capture your employee mood

Across Globe

Gauges motivation level of teams across geographies


Scalable for both desktop workers and field staff


Seamlessly integrates with employee data – option for anonymity

Real Time Tracking

See employee engagement trends in real time to act well in advance


Correlate analytics with attrition/retention metrics


Measure employee happiness index by tapping ID card as one enters the office

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