Features and Benefits

Contact to Contract (C2C)

Starting with lead generation, field activity planning, funnel management, RFP and quote through to account management support, the solution provides comprehensive coverage for the field force of a Professional Services Organization. This covers activities such as defining customers, managing Contracts (MSA - Master Service Agreement), capturing Contract Terms & Conditions and managing Work Orders (SOW - Statement of Work).

Execution to Billing (E2B)

This pertains to the entire execution cycle of a contract starting from project initiation to invoicing the client. Typical activities include Project definition, Project execution, Timesheet Management, Milestone Management and Project Expense Management.

Quote to Cash (Q2C)

From the point of estimation for a proposal through the life cycle of an assignment; maintaining clear, real-time visibility and control on the financial performance of a project is of utmost importance. SRP provides the financial controller with the tools required to achieve just that. It covers Revenue recognition, Project budgeting, Project Revenue and Profitability.

Request to Release (R2R)

Resources are at the heart of operations for Professional Services organizations. Starting with workforce capacity planning that is glued in with the recruitment process, the solution covers the complete Human Capital Management process. This comes with a payroll engine that incorporates rules of 48 countries. This function deals with internal allocation of resources across projects including extension and release of resources from existing projects.