Why Ramco SRP

In addition to its multi-faceted functionality, SRP comes with MUSIC – Mobility, Usability, Social, In-memory and Context Aware – the core concept of all Ramco products. Mobility refers to mobile-enabled transactions such as time booking, employee expense claims, leave management, etc. Usability is one of Ramco’s unique features which provides users an ultra-cool interface to perform their daily activities using user-friendly wizards. SRP is working towards being socially connected using Gamification for critical but cumbersome activities such as time-booking. Ramco’s In-Memory engine ‘Minnal’ drastically reduces the processing duration of time consuming, voluminous tasks such as running payroll by performing actions in parallel and at high speed. Finally, our product is Context-Aware since it reduces manual entry for the user by defaulting applicable fields based on time, place and function.

In today’s highly competitive global market, Services industry faces multiple challenges ranging from the use of multiple standalone applications for the daily functioning of internal departments, effective planning execution and tracking of their projects, optimized utilization and visibility of available resources, lack of control over project expenses and cash outflow, seamless flow of information between HR, timesheet, and Finance/Billing

SRP is a blessing to companies facing one or more of the above stated challenges as it serves as an integrated end-to-end solution. It provides seamless real-time flow of information between multiple departments within the company such as HR, Finance, Project Control Office, Resource Management Group, etc. Such an integrated solution opens up the possibility of addressing a wide variety of reporting needs based on cross-functional operations too. Employees who form the core of services industry, can be managed very efficiently by optimizing their skills and effort across multiple projects or assignments simultaneously. On the whole, SRP reduces the time and effort spent in manual activities through process automation and also makes day-to-day transactions of the organization paperless by providing a single electronic source of information as a global data repository