ADF Solution for Banks

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has taken a new initiative to enhance the regulatory reporting framework and increase the effectiveness of the decision making process. Since data accuracy and integrity are the basis on which decisions are made, the RBI has put in place a system, whereby the entire data submission process can be automated. By eliminating the need for manual intervention, banks not only improve the reliability of data, but they also get to reduce collation time and effort.

Under this system, banks can submit returns through a Centralized Data Repository (CDR), which is basically a store of validated and cleansed data that can be published via XBRL (Extended Business Reporting Language) in a Straight-through processing mode (STP) without human intervention by way of editing or recompilation of data for returns.

Analytics can hold the key to optimized performance, informed decisions, actionable insights and trusted information, thus emerging as a game changer. By bringing together all relevant information in an organization, banks can answer fundamental questions such as: What is happening? Why is it happening? What is likely to happen in the future? How should we plan for that future?

KC Chakraborty, Deputy Governor, RBI

Ramco's ADF Solution

Ramco's ADF solution is designed to help banks achieve complete automation of RBI reports. Ramco solution conforms to the end state architecture proposed by RBI covering data acquisition, integration and storage, conversion and submission.

ADF projects are consultative and participative and Ramco brings its deep understanding of each and every return and the way it gets delivered, while the customer provides details on all the data that need to be populated in the CDR, for solution’s efficacy.

Ramco ADF solution is a solution suite which consists of the following:

  • Centralized Data Repository with provision for data enrichment to complement missing data elements as a part of Ramco's Universal Database
  • Embedded ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) engine to carry out extractions / transformations
  • Comprehensive data model capable of addressing RBI requirements and bank's internal MIS requirement
  • Pre-built repository of RBI returns and their logic with a configurable rule engine to minimize implementation time
  • Maker – checker facilitated by workflow to enable auditability and monitoring
  • Embedded XBRL Engine to enable report submission

Solution Highlights

  • Pre-built data model to serve as the CDR
  • Configurable workflow engine – to cover the end to end process for report generation, approval and submission with audit trail
  • Published interface map for the required data elements in the CDR (namely Ramco’s CDR ) to kick start engagement
  • Gap Data Management: Missing / gap data captured as part of the solution through file upload option. web-based interface and Offline templates provided, which enables the users to prepare the required data and submit it into the system. Captured data can go through maker – checker mechanism enabled with audit trail.
  • In-built XBRL engine to deliver returns as per the taxonomy prescribed by RBI
  • Shrink wrapped with a full functionality BI platform and employing an industry ETL tool to provide the reliability and control in the data integration process
  • Ramco’s implementation team has veteran Banking industry professionals giving us an edge in our implementations

The Ramco Advantage

ADF Solution Layer

Ramco Solution Advantage

Data Acquisition

  • Availability of interface map for data requirements of CDR
  • Experience and expertise in analyzing data sources
  • Provision for data enrichment and complementing the missing data elements

Data Integration
and Storage

  • Embedded ETL engine with available library to carry out extraction/ transformations
  • Repository of transformation / cleansing rules
  • Creation of Centralized Data Repository
  • Maintenance of RBI Meta Data
  • Mapping of data elements to RBI metadata
  • Addressing full blown internal MIS and DSS requirements

Data Conversion

  • From the Centralized Data Repository, RBI prescribed reports can be generated
  • Predefined rules for data validation in RBI submission can be used to trigger alerts with respect to data quality
  • Version control for reports

Data Submission

  • 100% RBI compliant reports available
  • Publishing in XBRL, HTML, XML, Excel, PDF and ASCII file formats
  • Automatically scheduling the Returns submission
  • IT team of the bank alerted to feedback post submission to RBI
  • Monitoring console/dashboards regarding submitted data

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