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Today’s business environment is characterized by competition, change and globalization. Every industry, whether highly-populated or niche, requires you to be agile and quickly respond to changing demands of customers, changing business scenarios, and changing government regulations. If you are not quick enough to respond and cater to your clients fast enough, your competitors will. To win in such a marketplace, you need comprehensive industry solutions specially designed for your industry.

With Ramco’s Solutions for your industry, you can benefit from industry-leading functionalities and best practices tailored to address the unique challenges of your business. Ramco’s Solutions incorporates wisdom and deep domain expertise gained from decades of experience working with your industry counterparts thereby helping you streamline operations and make smarter decisions.

With end-to-end automation and anytime, anywhere access to 360-degree view of your business, Ramco’s Solutions drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency, and reduce costs and time-to-market. In short, you can fast-track your company’s growth with Ramco’s Solutions for your industry, like never before.

You can choose from the following tailored solutions for your industry:


Ramco Aviation Suite enables Airlines, Heli-operators and MROs automate operations, end-to-end, and reduce overhead costs, manage inventory more effectively, increase aircraft availability, reduce AOG (aircraft on ground), and control operations on a business-for-profit basis.


Ramco’s solution for the BFSI industry enables automation of regulatory reporting, bank-wide performance management, efficient loan management, streamlined payment realization, reconciliation across multiple systems, automated banking documentation, optimized expenses and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Energy and Utilities

Ramco ERP on Cloud aids Energy and Utilities industry players to optimally manage and maintain capital-intensive assets, improve performance and operational effectiveness throughout the value chain, meet the greedy end-market demands, and comply with regulatory mandates and other environmental safeguards.

Equipment Rental and Services

Ramco Equipment Rental Management supports equipment rental companies in their quest to drive customer service, growth, and profitability, with its mature and comprehensive industry-specific features to support various types of lease and rental contracts, new and used equipment sale, parts sales, and equipment services.


Ramco Government Resource Planning (GRP) Suite helps Governments to revitalize public administration and services by making them more transparent, proactive, efficient and service-oriented. The solution helps implement innovative changes not only in their organizational structure, practices and capacities, but also in the ways they mobilize, deploy and utilize human capital, information, technology and financial resources for service delivery to citizens—in turn driving all-round development.


Ramco ERP on Cloud helps Public Infrastructure and Real Estate industry players to easily meet challenges such as handling design changes, project material movements, budget austerities, funding through progress payments, customized billing, and much more. It offers a complete support system to strategize, implement and win.


Ramco Shipping and Transportation Management Solution addresses Freight-forwarding, NVOCCs, cargo and container services, third-party logistics providers, and almost any other player in the Logistics Industry to effectively meet shipping requirements, manage multiple processes and reports required for business activities, and in general keep the business on track – always.


Ramco ERP on Cloud helps a range of manufacturing companies, including auto-components, cement, chemicals, consumer products, dairy, food and beverages, high-tech, industrial machinery and products, leather, precision products, steel, textiles and more, to manufacture consistently high quality products, meet customer commitments without delays, plan and stock right, manage regulatory compliances, keep pace with rapid industrial innovations, respond to changing customer preferences and be ready with strategies for an ever-changing socio-political-business climate.


Ramco Mine Management Solution weaves into all processes of a Mining company, be it exploration, procurement, scientific planning, ore optimization, land management, asset maintenance or transportation, thereby streamlining the entire operation of the mine and improving profitability.

Professional Services

Ramco’s solution for Professional Services Industry helps Professional Services Providers to boost their ability to hire, train and retain workforce, implement projects efficiently, manage finances comprehensively and provide superior customer service levels.

Facility Management

Ramco’s solution for the Facility Management industry aids the Facility Management arena to operate and organize their business in a much better way, ensure automatic integration between operations and back-office departments, bring huge improvement in operational efficiency, provide perfect service to meet customer requirements, improve billing and boost profitability.


Ramco ERP on Cloud helps fast-track the growth of trading companies by enabling strategic sourcing to accrue cost advantages, pricing across wider geographies, greater visibility on shipping dates or simply collection concerns, and boosting revenue growth.

Optimum inventory with efficient tracking of 40,000+ Components

Columbia Helicopters Inc., a world leader in helilogging, increases aircraft availability and optimizes inventory levels with Ramco Aviation Solution.

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  • Ramco made it easier for the Mechanics to switch over from manual mode to online reporting in a simple and easy manner. Ramco's support and onsite teams have been very responsive to our needs. In my experience there is no other vendor that has support like Ramco

    Rob Zwanenburg

  • Ramco is what it is because Ramco has built relationships with their customers and takes time to not only hear but listen to the voice of each valued customer. I truly believe Ramco is on the right path

    Raylund Romero
    Purchase Manager
    Petroleum Helicopters

  • We evaluated multiple global MRO vendors and chose Ramco as it met our elaborate functional requirements. As the entire fleet is maintained on the system, we would be able to effectively track history of the aircraft and components for faster resolution of defects/snags and thus reduce our maintenance TAT.

    Mr Vipin Kumar Sharma,
    SBU Head, MRO (E&C),
    Air India

  • I am very pleased with the level of support from Ramco. It has been very professional, and your people have been on-the-spot all the time. The level of service is first class. The team is very friendly, and has provided good support. This level of support, in relation to Ramco's size and its worldwide presence is very good.

    Mr. Mohammed Mohannadi,
    CEO, Gulf Helicopters

  • We selected Ramco after an extensive evaluation of the industry's software vendors and are very excited to welcome the Ramco team into our business as key partners. Ramco's Aviation Suite will provide Republic with critical information and real-time analysis for proactive decision-making.

    Hal Cooper, Executive VP & CFO
    Republic Airways

  • Ramco consultants on-site demonstrated thorough professionalism during various phases of the implementation. Ramco consultants worked tireless and dedicated hours whenever required to ensure that schedules are met throughout the complete project phase. Their perseverance is appreciated.

    MyungChun Song,
    Project Manager, T'Way Air

  • We selected Ramco because of its superior product founded on leading edge technology, its people and its commitment to FL Technics. Ramco will help us face current and future challenges on our growth path. This project is of strategic importance for our future and we are looking forward to a successful delivery.

    Andrej Belotelov,
    General Director, FL Technics

  • The Ramco implementation team demonstrated excellent industry knowledge and a high level of skill in rolling out our solutions. We are now able to share key information throughout our company, increase our efficiency and have the tools to quickly gather information that is critical to key decision makers within the organization.

    Tony Quo Vadis, VP Finance
    Conair, Canada