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News Coverages - 2015

March, 2015 Technology for the Aerospace and Defence industry – Ramco unveils next-gen Aviation IT innovations at Avalon 2015. A feature in Asian Defence & Diplomacy
March, 2015 ‘Wearable Devices – The new era of hands free computing’ – Ramco Whitepaper featured on Aircraft IT MRO eJournal
February, 2015 Software shifts to streamline support – Ramco featured in Low-Fare & Regional Airlines Magazine
February, 2015 “US Foray Plan Puts Ramco Sys on Cloud 9” – Ramco featured in The Economic Times
February, 2015 ‘Broadening Reach’ – Tapping new sectors in the rental industry. Ramco Systems featured in International Rental News.
January, 2015 ‘The art of Social Recruiting’ – Ramco Systems featured in HRM Asia
January, 2015 Can office be your happy space? Companies now ensuring a good workday – Ramco Systems featured in Live Mint
January, 2015 Importance of a good IT solution in the Aviation Industry – Ramco Aviation featured in Aviation Business Middle East

News Coverages - 2014

December, 2014 A Cloud for Better Employee Management – Star Union Dai-ichi shares its success story onboard Ramco HCM in a feature in Express Computer Magazine
December, 2014 Ramco in MRO Wearable Devices Development – feature in Asian Aviation Magazine
November, 2014 Workforce Planning – Indispensable Strategy for Business Growth. Ramco featured in People and Management
October, 2014 How Technology helps to better manage people” - insights into the adoption of SMAC for HR processes – HT Mint
October, 2014 Cloud ERP – The right tool For the relevant problem. Ramco featured in Manufacturing Business Technology
September, 2014 Compliance Management – The Cost of Non–Compliance. Ramco featured in Legal and Compliance Excellence Essentials
August, 2014 Emerging trends for engaging Gen Y – Ramco featured in The Times of India
August, 2014 Silver linings – Ramco featured in Construction Week
July, 2014 Ramco Systems' CEO in ET Now
July, 2014 Kerzner chooses Ramco’s cloud-based software – feature in The Gulf Today
July, 2014 The DNA of Smacking Talent: Tech to drive real-time business decision – Ramco feature in People Matters
July, 2014 Kerzner to deploy Ramco’s HR and talent management software – feature in Khaleej Times
July, 2014 Resort operator Kerzner to use Ramco’s Cloud-based HR solution – feature in The Hindu Business Line
July, 2014 Facing up to the IT Challenge of offshore Helicopter Operations – Ramco & SFS Aviation featured in Aircraft IT MRO e-journal
July, 2014 “Rogue Components”, one of the key issues in Airline safety, among others. Ramco feature in MIS Asia
June, 2014 Hybrid ERP: The next hot enterprise app trend. A feature on SMAC in InformationWeek
June, 2014 Asset intensive firms turn to IT to squeeze more value – Ramco feature in The Business Times, Singapore
June, 2014 Strategy to increase global partner network has paid off – Ramco CEO in an interview with The Hindu Business Line
June, 2014 Ramco Smart! Ramco enters the wearable technology arena – Ramco CEO’s interview in The Hindu
May, 2014 Latest technologies for the dynamic and ever changing building industry – Ramco feature in Construction Opportunities
May, 2014 HCM Guides Skills and Resources. Ramco HCM to address core HR requirements and aid strategic planning – A feature in Arabian Computer News
April, 2014 Effective Analytics for Talent Retention - HCM and Analytics together come to the rescue! Ramco feature in People Matters
March, 2014 Going big on Cloud – An increase in the uptake of Cloud Services. Ramco feature in Express Computer
March, 2014 Rebuilding for the Digital Age – Ramco feature in Express Computer
February, 2014 “When Clouds Fail – A challenge for cloud service providers as well as users.” Ramco feature in Express Computer
February, 2014 “Change is inevitable” – a universal law that has been recently changing our work places too. Ramco’s new work space has been featured in Small Enterprise Magazine
February, 2014 Ramco ERP on Cloud powers Madras Cements; helps identify high performing markets with Google Maps! - InformationWeek
February, 2014 Transitioning the Middles to the Top – The Smart Manager
January, 2014 "The Cloud insulates the user from IT obsolescence" – Ramco featured in International Rental News (IRN)
January, 2014 ‘We are a nimble-footed David in ERP’ – says, Ramco CEO in a tete-a-tete with Financial Chronicle

News Coverages - 2013

December, 2013 MRO from the Cloud on Down – Ramco and its Aviation offerings featured in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design (AMD)
December, 2013 Ramco among the 20 most promising Manufacturing solution providers – CIO Review
November, 2013 Low Cost Airlines now fly higher with Ramco – An article on Ramco Aviation on Cloud, featured in Low Cost & Regional Airline Business
November, 2013 Small manufacturer finds cloud service from Ramco ERP fits just right
November, 2013 Turning the Tide – Ramco CEO’s interview in Times of India
November, 2013 Ramco Systems recasts strategy to boost growth – The Hindu
November, 2013 Ramco bets big on Cloud! - Eyes the competitive US market
November, 2013 Ramco strengthens its hold in the HCM market – Ramco Systems features in Khaleej Times
October, 2013 India Inc. committed to Africa – Business Report - The Mercury News
September, 2013 “Among Indian tech firms, Ramco Systems has a reputation that its peers only aspire for” – Ramco feature in Forbes India
September, 2013 Top IT firms log on to LinkedIn to tap talent – The Hindu Business Line
September, 2013 Intelligence on the Mind: Featuring Ramco’s dedicated BI solution for SME’s – Express Computer
August, 2013 Are SMEs ready for SaaS: The emerging trend driving the market towards the adoption of ERP on Cloud – SME Channels
August, 2013 Enterprise Apps get Innovative: Podar learns Cloud with Ramco – Express Computer
August, 2013 Cloud Computing in Chemical Industry: Ramco ERP on Cloud, the IT backbone of Lubrizol – PCQuest
August, 2013 Cloud Atlas: Indian Companies now floating on Cloud to manage scale and sustainability – Financial Chronicle
August, 2013 Ramco's HCM on Cloud goes Global - IT Next
August, 2013 Using maps to mine data effectively the Ramco way – The Hindu, Business Line
July, 2013 Google Sees Pickup in Paid Enterprise Business
July, 2013 Ramco’s Good Times in Puerto Rico
July, 2013 Ramco plans to push its ERP product overseas – Financial Chronicle
July, 2013 Ramco Launches Cloud HCM - a TEC Blog by P.J Jakovljevic
June, 2013 A successful RUM ’13 with CAB and ‘go live’ at GoAir marks progress at Ramco – AircraftIT MRO
June, 2013 Unlocking ERP Value – a feature on ERP Applications and the Middle East market, in Channel Middle East (CME)
May, 2013 Colud BI and Analytics - IT Next
May, 2013 Subtle Shift – The Economic Times
May, 2013 Click and Mortar: A feature on Madras Cements, Google Maps and Ramco ERP in The Hindu Business Line
April, 2013 Ramco Systems targets niche position in aviation software – Financial Chronicle
April, 2013 Ramco features in Arabian Computer News, Cloud Computing Handbook 2013
March, 2013 USD 3 billion is the expected spending on the software sector in the region in 2013 - Al Khaleej Arabic
March, 2013 Airports Change Tech Gear to Fly High – The Economic Times
March, 2013 Ramco signs five year contract with Emirates - Khaleej Times
Feb, 2013 'Ramco Systems clambers on to the cloud to take on IT biggies' – The Hindu Business Line
Feb, 2013 Rental Software : Data Watch, A feature on Dashboards in International Rental News Magazine
Feb, 2013 Ramco Systems: Going beyond ERP - MIS ASIA
Feb, 2013 Ramco - MyCFO Event coverage on ET Now
Jan, 2013 Builing a Made-in-India ERP Product Company - Blog by Sramana Mitra
Jan, 2013 Ramco Aims to Take on SAP,ORACLE in Cloud Biz

News Coverages - 2012

Oct, 2012 Cloud ERP will account for 75% of our revenues in next two years - Business Standard
Sep, 2012 Tech talk to sales pitch - The Hindu Business Line
August, 2012 Ramco brings cloud ERP to Australia – iTNews, Australia
June, 2012 Future Business models and role of IT - Power Today
May, 2012 Thermal Power Moving to the Cloud – PowerWatch
May, 2012 Ramco to battle global turf on cloud - Business Standard
May, 2012 Cover Story: Automated Data flow
May, 2012 Ramco System to take cloud product global - The Hindu Business Line
May, 2012 Ramco plans to go global with cloud - Financial Chronicle
Mar, 2012 Checkmate – PRV shares his passion for chess with Outlook Business
Mar, 2012 The Government should provide tax exemptions to indigenous product companies - Pre-budget expectations 2012
Feb, 2012 Just a Click away - Soft profiling of CEO
Jan, 2012 Ramco Systems eyes Overseas Markets
Jan, 2012 Dataquest Exclusive with Mr. Kamesh on Ramco's success & future plans
Jan, 2012 Ramco's interview on ADF Solution in India Banking Review

News Coverages - 2011

Dec, 2011 All about SaaS – Ramco featured in Kaalai Malar show on Jaya TV
Dec, 2011 Nuts and Bolts: Dusters case study in CIOL
Dec, 2011 The Hindu – Property Plus : 'Tale of two sectors'
Dec, 2011 The Hindu Business Line : Ramco eyes strategic partner to take cloud product overseas
Oct, 2011 PowerWatch INDIA:  Ramco's perspective on "IT in Power"
featured in PowerWatch Magazine
Sep, 2011 Management Next : How CK influenced Ramco Systems to go global
Sep, 2011 NDTV Hindu : We Connect: P R Venketrama Raja in conversation with Jennifer Arul
Jul, 2011 NDTV Hindu : Five years of Cloud computing - Ramco feature in NDTV Hindu
Jul, 2011 Information Week: Ramco brings affordable analytics to SMBs
Jun, 2011 Ramco Systems sees revenue in the cloud
May, 2011 Growing with IT: Logistics feature in Dataquest
May, 2011 The Smart Techie : Vision: Your Armour against the odds
Mar, 2011 The Hindu Business Line: Setting store by Technology
Mar, 2011 The Economic Times: India must Encourage an R & D Culture
Feb, 2011 Dina Malar: Ramco Systems: Becoming a Global player in Software development
Feb, 2011 The Hindu Business Line: Perfect Code
Feb, 2011 The Hindu Business Line: Our focus has been on innovation
Feb, 2011 The Hindu Business Line: Expectations from the Budget
Feb, 2011 The Hindu Business Line: Our focus has been on innovation
Feb, 2011 The Hindu Business Line: Expectations from the Budget

News Coverages - 2010

Nov, 2010 Staying Motivated is the Challenge
Nov, 2010 Business India - Galloping Ahead: An extensive feature on Ramco Systems in Business India
Oct, 2010 The Hindu - A versatile ERP product from Ramco
Oct, 2010 The Financial Express - It is difficult for a product company to break even in India
Oct, 2010 PC Quest - Product review: RODE 2.0
Oct, 2010 Express Computer - ERP helps MCL cement its place in the market
Sep, 2010 Prestigious Order Win from NACIL for MRO offerings
Sep, 2010 Launch of Ramco OnDemand ERP 2.0
Aug, 2010 Search Magazine - Boosting Manufacturing Excellence
Aug, 2010 BenefIT - A Logistics Firm Grow Three-fold In Five Years!
July, 2010 BenefIT - A few tools along with your ERP system can double your company's performance!!!
July, 2010 BenefIT - Henkel CAC adopts Ramco’s ERP solution to pave way to business prosperity
July, 2010 Digit-Channel Connect - Get Smart with BI
June, 2010 Times of India - The making of a learning organisation
May, 2010 Times of India Ascent - HR help businesses accelerate learning
May, 2010 Ramco trots onto another milestone by signing up with Tradeline L.L.C.
May, 2010 The Hindu Business Line - Banking on analytics
May, 2010 The Hindu - Ramco Systems offers IP3 framework
April, 2010 Digital Channel Connect - SaaS special report - The Service Play
April, 2010 DataQuest - Organizational deterrents overthrown: the IT way
April, 2010 Times of India – Ascent - The IT industry is required to work closely with its target customers,and come up with newer innovations
April, 2010 Chennai - IT boost to MRO biz
April, 2010 Chennai - Ramco Systems and ESIS in Partnership Providing Seamless Supply Chain Integration
April, 2010 Chennai - Ramco Systems offers IP3 framework
April, 2010 BenefIT - Exactly what the ROI on your ERP Investments Are
Mar, 2010 DataQuest - IT as an Enabler for Parry Enterprise India Ltd
Mar, 2010 LiveMint.com - Ramco to expand into Africa, West Asia markets this fiscal
Mar, 2010 DataQuest - Cloud based ERP is the way forward
Mar, 2010 ZDNet Asia - On-demand ERP finds favor with Indian SMBs
Mar, 2010 BenefIT - ERP-On-Rent!
Mar, 2010 LiveMint.com - Ramco to expand into Africa, West Asia markets this fiscal
Feb, 2010 The Hindu Business Line - Ramco Sytems eyes Singapore, Malaysia for cloud offerings
Feb, 2010 Financial Express - Ramco Aviation solution
Feb, 2010 Rediff Money Biz - Management speaks
Feb, 2010 Deccan Chronicle - 5 Chennai students represent India
Feb, 2010 The New Indian Express - Ramco strengthens customer base
Feb, 2010 Khaleej Times Special Report - Flexible and innovative enteprise applications
Feb, 2010 Business and Travel Times - Ramco posts higher global income
Feb, 2010 Channel World - Looks To Strongly Play The SaaS Field
Feb, 2010 Computer Reseller News - Ramco wants OnDemand partners
Jan, 2010 The Hindu Business Line - Ramco posts profit
Jan, 2010 Computer Reseller News - Intelligent Business

News Coverages - 2009

Dec, 2009 Outlook Business - The Success Saga Continues...
Dec, 2009 BenefIT - A Multi-faceted Group Of Companies Powers Ahead, Steered By IT
Dec, 2009 05 Dec 2009 - HP, Ramco banking solution
Dec, 2009 Business Standard - Ramco, HP Neoview Tie Up
Nov, 2009 Ramco Systems' global income at $9.4m
Nov, 2009 Express Computer - Bullish on BI
Nov, 2009 Express Computer - The key to motivation
Nov, 2009 BusinessPlus - IT's always the best at DLF
Nov, 2009 PCQuest - Human Resource Management
Oct, 2009 Network Computing - SMEs offer renewed hope to EAS market
Oct, 2009 Express Computer - Linux Rising
Aug, 2009 Express Intelligent Enterprise - Homegrown apps rule
July, 2009 Managing IT - ERP takes center stage
July, 2009 The Hindu Business Line - 60 seconds chief
July, 2009 The Hindu Business Line - Periphery is centre of focus
July, 2009 India Today - Ramco Systems eyes new paths of growth in domestic market
July, 2009 Mint Developer Forum - Developer forums gain momentum in India
June, 2009 Tabrez Khan - Ramco to Introduce Corebanking Analytics Solution



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