Ramco Custom Development

Solutions that fit you to a ‘T’

Sometimes the perfect solution can be hard to find. If you’ve been struggling with finding a solution that meets all your requirements, Ramco’s Bespoke Development could just be the end of your search. Tailored on the immensely flexible VirtualWorksTM platform, this application framework provides an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that helps you build scalable, agile, model based, and business process oriented enterprise solutions. It also saves you the efforts, cost and time associated with building and maintaining customized solutions in-house.

With Ramco Custom Development, you have the option of getting the complete source code and managing it on your own, or maintaining the application under different models that suit your needs. Best of all, the solution can be rendered and managed over the Cloud.

The Ramco Edge

  • Users are also allowed to participate in Scrum-based Agile development of requirements
  • Helps you keep pace with industry best practices
  • Enables you to future-proof your technology requirements
  • Makes provision for regulatory changes
  • Constant feedback from Ramco consultants with wider industry experience

Ramco's Technology Expertise

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Ramco's Consulting Expertise

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