Ramco Implementation Services

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Product Consulting

When you have the best product in town, it’s natural to expect the best results. And yet, that’s often not what happens. Instead, end-users are often stuck with systems that are far too sophisticated for them.

At Ramco, we ensure that rolling out of our ERP is followed up by adequate training, and support for managing data and integrating with other products. Ramco also offers several value additions to the product, so as to cater to evolving needs. Our consultants have rich domain experience and are from diverse industry segments. They can easily visualize the business and work with you to identify opportunities that create real business value.

Implementation Consulting from Ramco includes:

  • Roll-out of ERP solution
  • Change Management
  • End-user process Manual Preparation and Training
  • Data Management/Conversion Support
  • Refresher/recurrent training for users and local support staff to ensure optimal use and best practices operation of the systems
  • Process Improvement initiatives

Program Management

When a project is in full swing, your work life can become intensely hectic and frustrating. At times like these, it makes sense to hand over the reins to a trusted partner.

Operating with time tested tools (including cost-effective deployment on Cloud), Ramco helps you manage time, risk, and scope on large and complex projects, besides reducing the complexity and length of time involved with Project Reporting. You get access to information from large scale implementations and roll-outs of complex solutions on a global scale.

Our Integrated Program Management Services include the following key components:

  • Project Organization
  • Project Planning and Tracking
  • Resource Management
  • Quality Compliance and Process Adherence
  • Risk Management
  • Issues Management
  • Change Control and Management
  • Project Reporting and Escalation Handling

Data Migration Services

Don’t lose your mind over lost data because Ramco provides you with both basic as well as Advanced Packages for Data Migration. The diagram below depicts the various phases of migration cycle that Ramco adopts for the Advanced Data Migration activity.

Our time-tested and proven approach has helped companies transition smoothly from their legacy system with minimal shut down at go-live. Customers also stand to gain from our experience in virtualization. We can also help you move your in-house applications to cloud, and ensure that your data is 100% safe.

Product Extensions and Reports Development

Extendibility is a key feature of Ramco ERP. The different tools offered help extend the standard product to cater to the customer’s changing needs. A host of Proprietary tools including Extension development Kits, Portal development kits, Drill downs, etc help in building and maintaining specific features depending on the customer/industry/geography.

The product can be extended to:

  • Design and develop new reports
  • Modify existing user interfaces or reports
  • Append new user interfaces/new modules to existing business processes
  • Add or change business validations in transactions
  • Rename controls
  • Interface with external systems
  • Control access to critical information on screen
  • Design and develop dash boards for top management

Also available are a standard set of predefined reports that cater to various industries/geographies. Ramco’s tools are invaluable in delivering and maintaining reports that suit specific customer needs. Standard reports can be customized Dashboards for top management are also part of the report offering.

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