All too often, the benefits of implementing ERP are not fully realized because companies lose time and effort in tackling associated challenges. Ramco seeks to change this by offering customers a slew of services that help optimize ERP investment and reap the real benefits of world-class Ramco ERP on Cloud.

Ramco's portfolio of services enables you to focus on your core business operations by leveraging Ramco's proven track record and expertise in delivering the following services:

  • Consulting
  • Managed Services
  • Implementation Services
  • Custom Development
  • Support Services
  • Training

Ramco Consulting covers a gamut of consulting services including Process Management Consulting, Cloud Advisory Services, Information Management Consulting, and Process Improvement & Quality Advisory.

  • Process Management Consulting : Helps companies in optimizing processes in the organization through Business Process Improvement. It seeks to understand how a company’s key processes are aligned with the company strategy, and also analyzes existing business processes to understand how each process is currently being enabled.
  • Cloud Advisory Services : Enables organizations to develop an overall Cloud Computing strategy, a detailed cost-benefit analysis and a road map for enterprise-wide implementation.
  • Information Management Consulting : Helps companies manage big data available across the organization, integrate with the customer database, plan for maintenance of legacy data, and migrate existing data to a new platform.
  • Process Improvement & Quality Advisory : Facilitates certification, audits, process orientations, implementations and follow up surveillance.

Ramco Managed Services helps you optimize resources and cut costs by outsourcing your non-core processes to domain specialists.

  • Payroll Services : Ramco's Payroll engine consists of Payroll, Taxes, Time & Attendance, Leave Management, Loans and Reimbursements and Self Service. It combines the power of Business Analytics and Workflow with the user-friendliness of the browser to deliver a world-class solution.
  • HR Services : From recruitment to retirement, Ramco Managed HR Services takes care of it all. By automating routine tasks, your organization's HR personnel are free to optimize their time and focus on strategic activities.
  • Finance & Accounting Services : Streamline the F&A process across your organization, while increasing operational efficiencies and reducing the TCO.
  • Travel Services : Streamline your organization’s spend control process, reap significant cost savings on indirect spend, speed up reimbursement time and improve employee satisfaction.

Ramco Implementation Services ensures that your ERP implementation is carried out in a smooth and hassle-free manner through the following services.

  • Product Consulting: Services include ERP roll-out and change management through adequate training and support for managing data and integrating with other products.
  • Program Management : You can manage time, risk, and scope on large and complex projects with Ramco's time-tested tools, besides reducing the complexity and length of time involved with Project Reporting.
  • Data Migration Services : You can transition smoothly from your legacy systems with minimal shut down at go-live using Basic/Advanced packages for Data Migration.
  • Product Extensions and Reports Development : Extendibility is a key feature of Ramco ERP. You can extend the standard product to cater to your changing needs with different tools.

Ramco Custom Development Services enables you to build tailor-made solutions for your unique requirements. You can build scalable, agile, model-based, and business process oriented enterprise solutions using Ramco VirtualWorks® platform. This works out more cost-effectively than building and maintaining customized solutions in-house.

Ramco Support Services helps you to grow your business and improve competitiveness over time, backed by unparalleled investment in product and service enhancements.

Ramco Training Services equip you or your team to work on a full-fledged, cloud-based ERP through different training programs for customers, partners, organizations and students delivered as Live Seminars (face-to-face) or Webinars (online sessions).

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