Ramco Managed Services

Experience and Expertise — The Perfect Ingredients for Success

What would you prefer to do—micro-manage every little process in your organization or sit back and strategize for the future? While being heavily involved in every minute process can give you an illusion of control and progress, the truth is that you often waste time and effort that could have been more strategically spent. Instead, here's a proven recipe for success—outsource your non-core processes to domain specialists, quit chasing the little details, sit back and see the big picture!

Outsourcing non-core processes can help you:

  • Access new skills and technologies
  • Enhance efficiency by streamlining operations
  • Optimize use of resources and thus cut costs
  • Establish strategic partnerships with the best-in-class players

The Ramco Edge

Ramco ERP on the Cloud gives you the flexibility to choose between managing your existing system or moving to our comprehensive solution. Either way, what you get is a system that has been tailored to meet your business goals and objectives. That's because Ramco's configured and ready-to-use enterprise solutions are flexible, giving you functionalities that have been customized for your business.

Enjoy shared services benefits

Specialization in multiple enterprise functions helps you benefit from shared services, while maintaining the uniqueness of your business. Multiple solution centers in nine countries and the Ramco global delivery model give you access to the best technology and resources.

Get upgraded at no extra cost

A clear road map for migration and future platform upgrades ensure that you get concrete results from the time of implementation. The operations delivery team from Ramco's shared service center continues to work with you after the transition, focusing on continuous improvement and ensuring that your business always has the right solution to cope with changes.
The IP3 (Infrastructure, Product, Process and People) framework advantage: This framework helps organizations to switch models from BPO to Licensing to Hosting. The switching model gives you the flexibility to decide on the 'right solution' for 'right costing'. Ramco is also extending its BPO services in core areas like product development tools.

Serving global companies across the world

Ramco has customers from various locations and geographies. Since Ramco services leading players across diverse verticals, you get the full benefit of all the best practices gained as a result of rich experience over the years.

Managed Services Offered by Ramco:

  • Payroll Services
  • HR Services
  • Finance & Accounting Services
  • Travel Services

IP3 Framework

World over, we are among the very few companies who have the (IP3) framework advantage. This framework helps organizations to switch models; from BPO to Licensing to Hosting.

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Ramco HCM

Ramco HCM has enabled several companies across the globe to manage their workforce in its entirety. Ramco HCM runs in 34 countries, with 195+ customers across 740+ locations. Over 800,000 customer employees worldwide receive their paychecks through Ramco's HCM.

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