Ramco offers different training programs for customers, partners or any organization planning to implement ERP and students. The objective of these programs is to equip you or your team to work on a full-fledged, cloud-based ERP.

You can choose from standard courses or customized courses (for customers only) delivered via Webinars or Live Seminars depending on your requirements.

Customer Training
Ramco provides training on products and tools as well as role-based training to customers through our valued training partner network. This helps you to understand the product better, besides effectively monitoring the implementation and post go-live processes.

Training on Products   Training on Tools
  • Ramco ERP Suite
  • Ramco Analytics Suite
  • Ramco Aviation Suite
  • Ramco GRP Suite
  • Extension Development Kit
  • Portal Development Kit
  • Enterprise Reports
  • Workflow
  • Query By Forms (QBF)

Role-based training - Depending on the role performed by individuals with an organization, this training will equip potential users with the necessary skills to effectively use Ramco's products / solutions.

Depending on the learner's choice, each of the above mentioned programs would be delivered as:

  • Instructor-led classroom training
  • Instructor-led virtual classroom training
  • Webinar
Category Program Title Duration Methodology Target Audience Pre-requisite

ERP for Manufacturing

3 days Online /
Video on demand
  • Any organization from the manufacturing industry planning to implement ERP
  • Individuals who want to understand application of ERP for a domain

Domain Knowledge


Extension Development Kit

3 days

Webinar/ Online /
Live Seminar

Customers who want to customize the existing application

Working knowledge of Ramco ERP

Open Training Programs
Open training programs benefit organizations that are planning to implement cloud-based ERP solutions. Through these programs, you will understand the processes involved in implementing an ERP. It will also help you evaluate an ERP application so as to take an informed decision. You can attend either a generic program and get an overall understanding or get trained on a specific vertical to find out how an ERP can transform your business to reach new heights.

Depending on the learner's choice, each of the above mentioned programs would be delivered as:

  • Live Seminar
  • Webinar

You can choose from the following certifications offered by Ramco:

  • Solution-based Certification
  • Role-based Certification

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