Ramco Banking Analytics

Next-Gen Intelligence for Futuristic Banks.

In this era of information influx, you may have observed that more often than not, your decision making is hampered not because of inadequate information but because of an excess of it. The real challenge is not in gathering data, but in converting it to action-oriented insights. The Ramco Analytics Suite proves to be a differentiator by helping you to sustain and grow profitably in a competitive landscape.

The solution enables complete performance management for your bank by giving you a 360-degree view of your core business areas. By drawing data captured in various operational and financial systems into a comprehensive data warehouse, and coupling it with the right tools, Ramco Analytics Suite – Banking ensures that your bank outperforms competition in all core areas through instant information and intelligent analysis. The solution helps you uncover trends, patterns and key comparisons, gain complete understanding of your best markets and target them for growth.

Ramco Analytics provides you with a cockpit view of your vast and complicated operations with a choice to zoom in to the most detailed account level information. Pre-built dashboards, scorecards, alerts and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) render the analytics in an easy-to-use format, ensuring that you gain business agility easily. The solution empowers you to monitor sales, business margins and operational performance, and manage risks effectively. You can know your customer better through analytics, and based on this understanding you can grow your business with them. That’s why with Ramco Analytics, what you see is what you get.

Loan Analytics

For Predictive Management of Credit Risks.

Ramco’s Loan Analytics renders you the power to prudently identify, monitor, and manage the risks and returns on your entire portfolio. With this module of Ramco Analytics, you can get a holistic perspective of your advances’ portfolio in terms of distribution, growth, exposure and risk, and overall performance. You can know the growth rate percentage for different periods based on ROI, secured portion, etc. in your loan portfolio.

The solution enables you to analyze your portfolio by business segments (e.g., Corporate, Retail, and SME), products, branch-wise, and on the basis of over hundred different attributes. You can drill down the performance measures from bank-wide aggregates to branch-wise aggregates, and finally, to individual loan accounts.

  • Manage credits, intuitively and proactively
  • Get a holistic perspective of your advances’ portfolio in terms of distribution, growth, exposure and risk, and overall performance
  • Get access to critical business segment wise insights related to your portfolio

Deposit Analytics

Know the Health of Your Deposits.

The deposits module gives you a deep and comprehensive insight into your liabilities business portfolio in terms of growth rate, business mix, cost of funds, maturity patterns, cash outflows, ownership profile, renewal trends, etc. For example, you can know the impact of exchange rate on growth of deposits, or track the operations and trends related to your Current and Savings Accounts (CASA). It covers CASA ratio, term deposits, and customer-related accounts in credit balance. You can analyze the deposits business mobilization by zone, product, state, customer loyalty, and over 120 other attributes. You can also drill down to individual accounts for any defined portfolio.

  • Gain deep and comprehensive insight into your liabilities business portfolio
  • Analyze the deposits business mobilization based by zone, product, state, customer loyalty and over 120 parameters in addition

Customer Analytics

Weigh Your Customers’ Relationship Value.

Get a 360-degree view of your customer relationship value with the bank in terms of the number of loan accounts, deposit accounts, deposit values, outstanding loan amounts, other businesses routed through the bank, etc. You can analyze the customer base in terms of the customer profile, demography, customer rating, customer group, etc. The analysis can be carried against more than 65 different customer attributes. You can visualize comprehensive customer-wise details by quickly drilling across multiple insights pertaining to a customer—from customer analysis to loans to deposit analysis, and get to know your customers’ risk ratings, based on outstanding, or identify customers’ top business share.

  • Have a comprehensive view of your bank’s customer relationship value
  • Drill across customer analysis to loan analysis or deposit analysis related to a customer to get a comprehensive view of a customer’s record and net individual and collective value
  • Know your customers better by analyzing the customer base, based on parameters such as customer profile, demography, customer rating and customer group

Trade Finance Analytics

Gauge Your Trade Finance Operations with Precision

This module of Ramco Banking Analytics would enable you to have a bird's eye view of your bank’s fund based and non fund based operations, in support of domestic or foreign trade.

The module enables you to view the complete picture of fund-based and non-fund based trade finance operations, covering domestic and foreign trade, inward and outward bills, sight and usance bills, purchase and collection bills, bills under letter of credit (LC). You can analyze the exposure, i.e., the amount of money at risk, based on currency, country, bank, drawee, commodity, or industry. An in-depth analysis can be carried out on bill portfolio in terms of bills turnover, overdue bills, partly paid bills, bills realization patterns, viz., prompt realization, late realization, realization by recovery, earnings from bills, etc. You can compare deposits and borrowings for different segments over a period. Analysis on non-fund business covering both LC and bank guarantees (BG) help to analyze the utilization percentage, LCs devolved, BGs invoked, etc.

    Key Takeaways
  • Track your bank’s end-to-end financial operations—both fund-based and non-fund based.
  • Ensure effective risk management by measuring exposure, i.e., the amount of money at risk.
  • Perform a periodic analysis of deposits and borrowings for different segments.

Financial Performance Analytics

Get a Bird’s Eye View of Your Finances.

With the intelligence inherent in Ramco’s Financial Performance Analytics module, you can map your bank’s performance vis-à-vis budgets. You can view top line business performance parameters and to thoroughly analyze the bottom-line value, either at bank’s level, business level, zonal office level or branch level. You can review key asset and liability line items, both customer and non-customer related. You can undertake analysis on net interest income, non-interest income, operating expenses, non-banking assets, proportion of investment on total assets, idle cash holdings, etc. Finally, you can drill down to account-level details for all non-customer-related assets / liability line items and income / expenditure line items.

    Key Takeaways
  • View the comprehensive picture of your bank’s overall operations, in support of domestic or foreign business.
  • Get a dashboard view of the top line and bottom-line business performance parameters.
  • Review key asset and liability line items, both customer and non-customer related.

Treasury Analytics

This module provides insights into the bank’s instruments and hence, is very important to analyze its health. The various analytical views are available on the basis of Type of Investment: SLR / Non SLR Related (Treasury Bills, Shares, Bonds, Debentures etc.); Security Class: Available for Sale, Held for Trading, Held to Maturity etc.; Issuer Type: Central Government, State Government, Municipal Corporations etc.; Investment Classifications: Government Securities, Other Trustee Securities, Non Trustee Securities etc.; Instrument Class: Listed / Unlisted.

  • View exposure in foreign currency
  • Analyze bank’s exposure in various instruments on a daily basis
  • Calculate returns across different investment types and optimize allocation

Risk Analytics

Various areas of Risk Management such as Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk and Operations Risk will be covered as part of this module. The analytical views may be offered on the basis of Type of Risk: Credit Risk, Operational Risk, Market Risk; Ratings: Internal & External rating, customer, facility rating; VaR methods: Variance, Co-variance, Monte Carlo; Exposure: Industry, customer, sector or product wise.

  • Real time tracking of the bank’s health at any point using key ratios such as CAR
  • Different methods of evaluating risk
  • Measure compliance with Basel II and other regulatory norms

HRM Analytics

Due to Ramco’s prowess in Human Capital Management solutions, our Analytics has the capability to analyze various aspects with reference to staff and their productivity. This module provides insights into employees’ attributes (Age, Educational Qualifications, past Work Experience), Department which the employee is associated with, Branch Attributes  (Branch Hierarchy, Branch Type, Branch Category etc.), Training and Certification Programs,  Appraisal Ratings and commensurate Career Development, Leave Balance, Leave Encashment etc.

  • Organized storage and quick retrieval of key employee-related information
  • Manage staff productivity better by consolidating all HR related action items for a dashboard view

Sales & Marketing (PCSM) Analytics

This module provides insights into the performance of various product schemes and analyzes   the portfolio distribution to facilitate product segmentation on the basis of different criteria. The bank can look into its sales processes, analyze cross-sell opportunities, and manage customer retention. The performance, profitability and usage of various channels can be analyzed. The various analytics views that may be configured are - product opted for--Loan, Deposit, CASA, Credit Card etc.,Type of Sourcing-- Walk-in, Relationship Manager, DSA etc.,  Mode of Communication-- Newspaper, TV Advertisement, Web, Road Show, Branch Cross Sell etc., Type of Customer-- Retail, SMB or Corporate.

  • Evaluate sales performance of the bank on the basis of products and channels
  • Evaluate campaign effectiveness and ensure appropriate targeting and positioning
  • Analyze and leverage cross sell opportunities

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