Ramco DecisionWorks™

Leverage Actionable Insights to Build an Intelligent Enterprise.

In this era of information influx, managers are inundated with volumes of data, and find it difficult to get the relevant information for decision-making. More time is spent in collating, validating data and computing metrics than in analyzing the information for actual decision making. The complexity of this scenario gets further compounded when organizations are required to work in heterogeneous environments. This makes the whole process of decision making extremely difficult as managers often do not have access to the “single version of truth”.

Ramco DecisionWorks(RDW) is a comprehensive, smart, and easy-to use Business Intelligence and Analytics platform, which provides the much needed support to Strategic and Tactical Managers to obtain actionable insights into the enterprise. The platform offers various analytical capabilities for Data Integration, Query & Reporting, Performance & Conformance Management, Information Engineering, Advanced Analytics and Collaboration. The array of products offered on RDW platform includes:

Ramco Business Analytics (RBA)

Insightful Analytics for Informed Decisions.

RBA promotes SMART management practices for enhancing organizational performance through structured facilitation of Performance Management cycle of “Measure- Monitor- Manage-Analyze-Plan” as follows:

  • Specific Goals/ Objectives can be easily defined using industry standard frameworks and pre defined content.
  • Measurement – Monitoring - Management of performance can be done using Personalized Dashboards, Scorecards, Alerts and Workflow.
  • Analysis of performance can be done using Strategy Maps, Metric Analyzer, Reports, Cause-Effect maps, etc.
  • Realistic target setting is facilitated though the Planning module.
  • Timely alerts based on business rules are triggered through Business Activity Monitoring.

The tool sets provided as part of RBA include Scorecards, Dashboards, Business Activity Monitoring, Query & Reporting, frameworks for Workflow Modeling, Data Warehouse Modeling, and ETL (Extract, transform and load).

Ramco Master Data Management (Ramco MDM)

Gain Access to a Single Version of Truth.

Master data, also called the reference data, represents an organization’s business vocabulary—the business entities, terminology, definitions and classifications—used to describe business information. Ramco Master Data Management (MDM) offers the following key functionalities (refer to the figure below):

  • Master Data Governance: Involves the governance procedures for setting up the master data governance. Governance services facilitate collaborative working between business and IT Users. Data stewards and master data owners can be defined and assigned the responsibilities for creating and maintaining the master data. It allows the creation of master data model and structured definition through canned work flows.
  • Continuous Data Quality: Ensures that quality of the data is right through the entire life cycle of data. It comes with a built-in profiling rules and cleansing rules. Quality matrix can be configured and monitored using user defined Scorecards and Dashboards. Timely alerts can be configured and exceptions can be managed through workflow.
  • Master Data Harmonization: Ensures that data from multiple systems are analyzed and integrated using Data Harmonization techniques. Data Harmonization typically follows a process of Profile, Parse, Correct, Standardize, Enhance and Match. MDM also supports multiple transformation rules, which enables users to prepare the data in a requisite structure, which enables easier application of other rules.
  • Master Data Publication: Post the master data creation, the Master Data structure, Data and Business rules are published through Web services for other applications’ consumption.

Ramco Governance, Risk & Compliance (Ramco GRC)

Eliminate Compliance Risks. Focus on Opportunities.

Today, with government regulations getting stricter, there is a tremendous pressure on organizations to practice corporate governance, enterprise risk assessment and compliance to rules. Defining effective internal policies with corporate governance system and identifying external compliance requirements and related risks are becoming more and more essential to take the organisation to the next level. In this context, an effective information management system, which provides insights into the organizational processes related to all these areas, has become a mandatory requirement for organizations.

Ramco GRC offers a comprehensive configurable Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) framework for organizations to meet the various and exacting needs related to corporate compliance like SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act), Clause 49, etc. The GRC provides the following capabilities (refer to the figure below):

  • It provides a complete analytical platform to ‘Measure, Monitor, Manage, Analyse and Plan’ the Governance, Risk and Compliance processes available across the various functions within the organisation. Refer to the figure above for details.
  • Provides a library based framework to build the Governance and compliance processes, risks and controls.
  • Offers workflow and security driven user interface to execute the processes through assessments.
  • Capability to create Dashboards, Score cards, etc., to monitor the processes, which helps the management in quicker decision making.

Ramco Planning & Budgeting (Ramco P&B)

Insights that Empower you to Prepare for the Future.

In today's fiercely competitive era, planning and anticipating future requirements has become a vital component for organizations to succeed in their business. The Planning and Budgeting application is a work flow driven framework, which automates the entire Planning, and Budgeting and Forecasting across various business units. Ramco P&B follows a template driven approach and supports the top- down and bottom- up planning processes. The following planning processes are supported:

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Right Information to the Right person at the Right Time in the Right Format.

Ramco Business Intelligence and Reporting helps organizations in decision making based on information assets created from data. Following are the key reporting flavors offered:

  • Pixel perfect report: Used where well-defined layouts or pre-printed stationeries are available. The data is retrieved from and bound to layout through Stored Procedures/Web Services/Queries written against any database.
  • Dynamic Reporting: End-user facilitated dynamic select/deselect, or ordering of columns in pixel perfect report without the need to modify/redesign the layout or stored procedures.
  • Analytical Reporting: End-user facilitated limit-less reporting from Dimension Hierarchy based models. Offers limit-less reporting with data stored in any DBs through slice/dice, drill-through, drill-down, drill-across functionalities. Multi-dimensional queries are generated, on the fly, based on user action. It also offers features like conditional formatting, multiple delivery modes, and multiple formats (tabular, charts, tree-maps).
  • Compliance reporting: Provides the complete infrastructure components to do compliance reporting as per the standards prescribed by the regulatory agency. It includes rule driven transformation for mapping between the report elements and entity models. Support is available to view the report in multiple formats like HTML, Excel, PDF, CSV, and XBRL.

Ramco Business Intelligence and Reporting comes with a robust infrastructure for designing, developing, deploying and distribution of reports. Multiple formats and delivery models are supported to meet the diverse needs of an enterprise.

Real-time Intelligence

84% of Singaporeans live in Surbana (Singapore HDB) developed flats while Surbana management's decisions lead in from real-time intelligence from Ramco DecisionWorks

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