TAT is Big Business

MRO industry is globally valued at $57.7 Billion and clocks a growth of 4.6% per year (Source: ARSA report 2014). Having said this, how do leading MROs race amongst others to become Tech1 in the global MRO market? Large MRO investments ushered by new players in the market trigger a threat to the already competitive MRO industry. With new entrants comes change. In other words ‘new ways to do old things’, leveraging innovation cost effectively. Leading or a trailing player, it’s important that one views technology as a lever to adopt change. Imagine the impact to the bottom line, if 15% extra spanner time is added to every mechanic - in other words more aircraft turnarounds per day. Turnaround time plays the lead role on who loses the bid or who wins the bid to become the Tech1 MRO. With new aircraft deliveries increasing air traffic year on year, airlines and their fleet in service today want the best in class MRO treatment and the shortest TAT possible at the same time.

Given the challenges of regulatory compliance, resource optimization and supply chain, how do MRO’s today survive to be Tech1 in the region? Does Technology play a key role in handling these challenges? Will automation cut down aircraft induction time to under 5 days? Send us your enquiry and get your answers right away with a detailed case study on a Faster TAT solution!

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  • Falcon has been redefining the quality of flying and in order to take this experience one notch up, we decided to embrace future ready technology from Ramco. From using multiple disparate systems, we will be moving to a single integrated offering from Ramco. Ramco’s feature-rich offering with OFMS, Mobility, Flight Contracting and WorkSpaces, ensured we sealed the deal in favor of them. With Ramco Aviation Suite, we are confident of improving our operational efficiency and enhancing the overall performance of our fleet.

    Falcon Aviation Services

  • We are pleased to be associated with Ramco Systems. We were on the lookout for a solution that would help us meet the regulatory requirements as described by our Aircraft Network Security Program (ANSP) and also integrate with the Boeing SCX Tool. Having evaluated a range of solutions to cater to the unique needs of our latest fleet of B787 Dreamliners, we zeroed down on Ramco’s offerings; the reason being their LSAP solution demonstrated better visibility, excellent domain knowledge, solution capability, and experience to address our needs. The LSAP integration has automated our Engineering Change Management (ECM) process, resulting in a paperless process. We look forward to leverage the solution and reap benefits to the fullest.

    Kenya Airways

  • Ramco’s solution will place our enterprise systems under one umbrella, allowing us to reduce costs and streamline processes. A growing number of our current and potential customers have already committed to, or implemented Ramco and this was a driving factor. Enhancing our customers’ experience with Able’s business units is a major priority for us; The Ramco eco-system will help us do just that.

    Able Aerospace Services

  • Ramco's Aviation Suite will provide Republic with critical information and real-time analysis for proactive decision-making. These products will support our ongoing business process improvement initiatives allowing us to optimize our resources and continue to cost effectively provide the most reliable service in the industry.

    Republic Airways

  • Ramco's software provides endless opportunities for the organization. Ramco made it easier for the Mechanics to switch over from manual mode to online reporting in a simple and easy manner. Ramco's support and onsite teams have been very responsive to our needs. In my experience there is no other vendor that has support like Ramco


  • I am very pleased with the level of support from Ramco. It has been very professional, and your people have been on-the-spot all the time. The level of service is first class. The team is very friendly, and has provided good support.

    Gulf Helicopters

  • We have been using Ramco Aviation solution for tracking and storing maintenance activities for our fleet of helicopters including component replacements and tracking of component life. I certify that information stored in the system has been found to be reliable. Further, Ramco EAM also satisfies our regulatory and QC reporting requirements adequately.

    Columbia Helicopters

  • Use of Ramco Aviation Suite provides Pinnacle with critical information and processes to maintain our fleet and continue to offer our customers the most reliable regional airline service in the country. We selected Ramco due to their strength in the global aviation market, web-centric technology, functionality and proof of delivery.

    Pinnacle Airways

  • Ramco is what it is because Ramco has built relationships with their customers and takes time to not only hear but listen to the voice of each valued customer. I truly believe Ramco is on the right path.

    Petroleum Helicopters