Features and Benefits

Dynamic Aircraft / Component configuration management

Ramco Aviation Suite facilitates creation of various configuration structures depending upon customer requirements. This flexibility in the software helps the records management team in defining variations in customer configuration structures depending upon their maintenance needs. Additionally,the system also facilitates management of customer specific alternate part list.

Solution availability on tablets

Capturing of costs related data during execution cycle / shop floor is one of the key success factors for reducing revenue leakage. Ramco Aviation Solution on tablets facilitates consumption reporting and time recording using tablets at the place of execution. This type of data collection process makes the entire work management very simple.

Increase Productivity through bar code and smart cards

Most of the operational reports are bar coded, this facilitates smooth workflow and reduces data typing into the system. This approach makes the solution very user friendly. Additionally, the usage of smart cards for some of the functions reduces the need for maintaining paper documents.

Support to Part Exchange & Pooled Inventory Concepts

Part exchanges are one of the key requirements of MRO operations. An effective part exchange process will help service providers to meet TAT promised to customers. Ramco Aviation Solution tracks ownership switches in inventory & on shop floor and supports part exchanges for meeting the promised TAT reports.

PMA parts management

PMA parts are becoming an increasingly popular choice to most of the airline operators. This option is very cost effective. However, certain airlines still do not accept PMA parts usage on their fleet. An MRO service provider is required to maintain stock of PMA parts as well as OEM parts. Ramco Aviation Solution facilitates PMA parts management by allowing users to define effective controls. Based on the contractual terms with the operator, the system either prevents the usage of PMA parts or routes the requests for additional approvals.

TAT Management

Penalties due to TAT violation are a great cause of concern for any MRO service provider. Ramco Aviation Solution effectively tracks all the wait times and facilitate MRO service provider to take corrective actions. The complex algorithm effectively eliminates all the wait times attributable to customer. Various alert mechanisms are available in the software for preempting TAT violations.

Dynamic Task Card Management

Ramco Aviation Solution facilitates users in maintaining operator specific task cards. This ensures compliance of maintenance procedures as per the operator’s procedural manual. Additionally the system also facilitates authorizing of generic task/repair procedures by MRO service providers. The Work Management Cycle, based on the contractual commitments, picks the correct task cards for sign-off by mechanics.