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7 Common Challenges Faced in ERP Implementation

Challenges in implementing ERP solutions are quite normal. Though it is not completely a technical job, a lot of planning and proper communication is very much essential to implement ERP across the organization. Below are the 7 common challenges we have noticed companies experience, when ERP Implementation

  1. It is very important, that implementation is done in stages. Trying to implement everything at once will lead to a lot of confusion and chaos.
  2. Appropriate training is very essential during and after the implementation. The staff should be comfortable in using the application or else, it will backfire, with redundant work and functional inefficiencies.
  3. Lack of proper analysis of requirements will lead to non-availability of certain essential functionalities. This might affect the operations in the long run and reduce the productivity and profitability.
  4. Lack of Support from Senior Management will lead to unnecessary frustrations in work place. Also, it will cause delay in operations and ineffective decisions. So, it is essential to ensure that the Senior Management supports the transformation.
  5. Compatibility Issues with ERP Modules lead to issues in integration of modules. Companies associate different vendors to implement different ERP modules, based on their competency. It is very essential that there is a way to handle compatibility issues.
  6. Cost Overheads will result, if requirements are not properly discussed and decided during the planning phase. So, before execution, a detailed plan with a complete breakdown of requirements should be worked out.
  7. Investment in Infrastructure is very essential. ERP applications modules will require good processing speed and adequate storage. Not allocating suitable budget for infrastructure will result in reduced application speed and other software issues. Hardware and Software Security is also equally important.

These are certain generic challenges while implementing ERP solutions. Depending on the sector in which the company operates in, the extent of complications may vary. So, it is very essential to bring onboard, an expert team of consultants. This will ensure the implementation process is smooth without any glitches.

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