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Analytics Made Easy - The Wonder of Business Intelligence

Ramco Banking Analytics, a pre-built BI and Performance Management application is a ready fit for the needs for banks today, in terms of the functionality. The tool offers wide-spread analysis across all its business lines while adhering to the time span usually desired for implementation.

By drawing data captured in various operational and financial systems into a comprehensive data warehouse and coupling it with the right tools, Ramco’s Banking and Analytics ensures that banks can outperform competition in all core areas by instant information and intelligent analysis. This way, a bank now has more time to effectively plan sales and marketing initiatives and measure the success of previous marketing campaigns and product performance.

The tool comes with a prebuilt Data Warehouse called the Universal Database (UDB) based on a comprehensive data model capable of servicing a universe of business questions in different functional areas for quick decision making. This enables a full 360º view of Loans, Deposits, Trade Finance portfolio across the bank by rendering multiple analyses across all attributes.

Now, instead of getting all concerned departments and individuals in a bank to compile information covering different aspects of operation and profitability, and manually validating it for accuracy, Ramco’s Banking and Analytics automates the entire process and presents the results as scorecards, analytical reports, key performance indicators (KPI), graphical visualizations and user-specific dashboards. These are delivered to the end users through Ramco’s own user-friendly BI platform Ramco DecisionWorks.

With appropriate rigor and a willingness to manage for business value, there is no reason that organizations cannot capture the business value of business intelligence; however that might be defined in their specific circumstances. Business Intelligence is what the world will soon use to think!

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