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Cloud Telephony: Taking Cloud to Communication

If VoIP changed the way businesses communicate, the next wave in innovation comes from the cloud as it embraces voice calling. The concept is called cloud telephony, and is quickly making waves in the enterprise market. At its heart, cloud telephony enables businesses to set up a full phone system for handling customer calls – without needing to invest anything in the infrastructure. That means we are now approaching an age when businesses will be set up in a manner of minutes.

Cloud Telephony: Taking Cloud to Communication

So what makes cloud telephony so popular, and what does it hold for the average business? Here are a few pointers:

  • Call routing: Incoming calls can be easily routed to resources at other locations that are free to serve customers. That means you need only a single phone number for all the calls, which is a convenience for customers as well as your business.
  • True scalability: Perhaps this is most exciting feature of cloud telephony. It allows you to scale ports up and down as much as you want, thus optimizing operational cost. This scalability is achieved almost instantly, so that business performance does not suffer.
  • Wider integration: Cloud telephony systems can be easily integrated with your other business applications, and can be used on the go. That means you always have a view of resources available, call reports, and so on.
  • Advanced calling features: The system is capable of running voice campaigns, surveys, etc., among your customers, which means further reduction in associated costs. Call scheduling and automatic calling are also very easy to set up and execute.

While it’s true that there are some country-specific regulatory issues surrounding cloud telephony, it is clear that the technology is here to stay.

image source : http://venturebeat.com