Employee Engagement Done Right

Every organization dreams of employee engagement that goes on increasing and hits its peak right when the company comes of age. Except that it never happens that way. The hard reality is that in today’s chaotic talent-management scenario, HR managers are left chasing new talent as they struggle to retain the star performers. The reason? They think they follow best practices of employee engagement, but they don’t.

Here are some ‘unconventional’ tips on making sure employees are correctly engaged:

  • Fewer rules: As an organization grows, it is natural to evolve policies and enforce them, whether to acquire a certain certification or to improve quality standards. But the hard truth is that most of the rules only work as shackles and don’t let employees feel truly empowered. The antidote? Take a hard look at what exactly each rule is accomplishing, and banish the ones that are not people-sensitive.
  • Play to strengths: How does work get assigned at your workplace? Is it on an ad-hoc basis or do you have in place a talent matching system that actually works? As it happens, you are going to be in hot water soon if your employees are working only for the money.
  • Foster trust: It is very important to create an atmosphere where people feel protected. Only then can you expect to know the actual challenges employees are facing and do something about them. Over time, an atmosphere of trust will also produce several key solutions that have the potential to turn things around.

Yes, customer is everything, but let’s not forgets that it all begins with the workforce. Employees are the gears which run the corporate machinery, and you want everything going smoothly in there.

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