Exception Handling-A must for HR system:

Do you think exception handling is necessary for a HR system? What does exception handling mean? Put in simple words, it is a mechanism to override the normal flow of execution. Each and every organization feels they need to have a system in place which is capable of handling exceptions. Exceptions vary based on the business needs of a organization.

In terms of HCM system perspective, the capability to override the processed values in system is termed as exceptions. Here are some exceptions that a system needs to have:

  1. Natural Calamities: Cyclones and floods affect many parts of the world. Due to natural calamities government might declare holidays which will not be a part of list of holidays planned by organization. Will the time and attendance system be capable enough to handle the scenario?
  2. Excess Payments: Organizations having a huge employee count needs a system which can track the excess payments done to an employee. Does payroll processing system alert me when there is a huge change in employee salary comparing to last pay period?
  3. Shift or Time Deviation: Due to a sudden demand, an industry might require a few employees working in the morning shift to come on evening shift. Will the system provide me options to change the shift scheduling done prior?
  4. Eligibility: Based on organizational policies, we define eligibility for employees. In some cases I might need to allow an employee to claim more than the eligibility limit fixed. Do you think it’s possible?
  5. Absconding: Can the system notify the administrator in case of employee absconding? It is not possible to keep track of employees and this arises to a situation where HR technology must be mature enough to identify absconding of an employee and hold payroll.
  6. Probation: A typical probation period might range from 3 months or 6 months or even a year. The probation extension or confirmation happens based on performance of an employee. Will the system allow me to extend probation or confirm as per requirement?
  7. Minimum Take Home Pay: System needs to ensure that the employee deductions must not exceed the earnings. The minimum take home pay checks the condition and alert the administrator.

Ramco HCM software has provided HR solution to many industry verticals based on business needs. The Cloud based Human Capital Management solution that Ramco offers brings in lots of exception handling capabilities which could solve many HR problems in an organization.

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