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Future Challenges for Cloud Computing

Will cloud computing continue sailing unchallenged into the future or will it face a decline that is so characteristic of every new technology? It’s hard to tell, frankly, but by all counts it’s here to stay. But that doesn’t mean the journey forward is crystal-clear. For both technology-makers and vendors alike, a peek into the near-future of cloud computing is necessary.

Future Challenges for Cloud Computing

Here’s a list of what challenges are going to present themselves soon:

  • Harmful competition: The problem with any open technology is that too many players can step in and crowd the stage. The result is a virtual fistfight where some are not shy of using wrong tactics to gain the upper hand. This can include false claims or trying to damage the reputation of a competitor. Obviously, too much heat leads to unhealthy competition.
  • Major failures: A few recent instances recently have cast a shadow over the reliability of cloud computing. Issues related to outages and data security need to be taken more seriously by the vendors, especially the big players. This is what is also causing businesses to instead opt for private cloud, which excludes the benefits of big data technology.
  • Government regulation: Given the critical data involved, governments are trying to set up compliance standards for cloud computing vendors. If this comes into effect, many businesses will be forced to close shop or get into a long-drawn-out cycle of deciphering arcane guidelines. While the intention can be understood, governments usually should stay away from technology decisions.

Of course no technology sails through its course without hiccups, and cloud computing is no different. But given how critical it has become for modern businesses, there’s need to think ahead.