New World of Work

Yes, you heard it right! In this globally dynamic world where strategies like cloud based HCM solutions need to be adopted to suit global economic situations, employee engagement becomes an imperative to sustain your continued growth momentum. We are definitely not living in the golden era of 70s or 80s where business policies used to take a substantial amount of time before any turnaround strategic intervention. Today business policies need to be aligned with the global order and so are the employee engagement tools to keep them motivated and glued to their work, especially in the last decade that went by.

Employee engagement starts right from the hiring process

Today, companies need a new approach – one that builds on the foundation of culture and engagement to focus on the employee experience holistically, considering all the contributors to workforce satisfaction, engagement, wellness, and alignment.

Employee engagement doesn’t start from the date of joining, rather it starts from the day that person sends you a job application. The way you approach a potential candidate has the defining edge to build your brand in the minds of those prospective employees. An HR strategy needs to be built around these critical aspects and not just from the time one becomes a part of your organization. This should include the experience a candidate goes through while applying for the job, the interview process and even the way communications are sent out to that candidate. Such small things may leave a lasting impression on those candidates.

Technology at the heart of HR processes

Generation today consumes data and information at the speed of light and expects organization to keep pace with the same. HR Strategies should be built around these by selecting the right tools that keep employee at the center.

As quoted by Deloitte’s study, “In the open talent economy, technology allows talent to move more freely than before – from role to role, within and outside the enterprise, and across organizational and geographic boundaries.” World is already digital for the newer generation. HR needs to understand this and ensure employee remains in the center of all activities inward and outward.      

Role for a HR in organization needs to move from being transaction to more strategic. Many organizations continue to use older ways of managing employees and are unable to focus on important aspects of employee engagement and experience. Bringing new technologies to the way HR manages and understands employee needs, could be a humble beginning in improving employee experience.

Follow ‘Design Thinking’ approach

The ‘new world of work’ is here with organizations having a new mission and purpose focusing on improving culture, employee engagement and organization design. With advancement in technology comes the need for HR managers to help balance business expectations with the needs of employees. A modern idea like ‘Design thinking’ becomes the absolute need for every organization. With this, the HR takes on the role of chief custodians and architects of the employee experience. It encourages businesses to reduce complexity for employees and create meaningful experiences for them via easy to use, engaging tools and technology.

Be it the way policies are designed or the way organization provides essential tools to employees to get day to day tasks done, one must be adept at tech changes shaping up globally. Once this happens, your organization would reap immense benefits, and immediately be able to create a sense of belongingness among the employees. These employees would not only respect the organization for its crystal-clear policies and approaches, but would also encourage others to be a part of such a dynamic organization. Such a tech-enabled ecosystem would simplify the onboarding process and make the new employee be an integral part of the strategic process right from day ONE.

As we move forward into this brave new era, HR teams who can successfully develop and deploy creative engagement strategies, while embracing data analytics and digital technologies, will be putting their organizations in a commanding position. With its rich features, an integrated HCM such as Ramco's solution is better equipped to provide for such growing & demanding requirements. Ramco HCM aims to make employment an easy, savvy and fun experience by tapping into trends like engagement modeling, employee & manager self-service, and the digitization of HR processes.

In addition to addressing Talent needs around staffing, mentoring, career planning, and succession management, Ramco’s Talent Management solution offers innovative features such as Performance Journal – where users can record milestones on an ongoing basis; TAG CLOUD – which enables Managers/ HR to tag each employee against skill sets; EMPSENSE – a Pulse Survey app to measure the level of employee engagement in an organization; CHATBOTS – with built-in intelligence ensuring the users have a natural and engaging conversation to schedule meetings, check leave balance, claim expenses, manage travel and timesheet tracking among others. With all these and a lot more, Ramco has the capability to offer its customers a comprehensive solution designed as per their requirements to drive business growth and be future ready!

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