Key HR Technology Trends To Watch Out In 2014

With the companies today publicly declaring that their employees are the most valuable assets and with the term Human Resources itself evolving into Human Capital these days, it is only evident that the way HR is managed is also changing. Considering the technological trends and the evolving HR department, there are a few trends to watch out for in this field during the year 2014.


Key HR Technology  Trends To Watch Out In 2014 Key HR Technology Trends To Watch Out In 2014

Workforce analytics

While skeptics might claim that this is equivalent to treating people like widgets, in reality, good analytics is not about turning humans into numbers. It helps in having the right people with the right skills working at the right place. It helps in avoiding any costly mistakes when it comes to workforce, which is one of the largest line items in any budget. The growth in the usage of analytics has churned out a staple quote,‘you cannot manage what you don’t measure’.

Retention and engagement

Retention and engagement would be the prime focus of any company. There is a demand-supply shortage when it comes to highly skilled workforce. And getting the good ones to stay is the current challenge. Hence, as the saying goes, “Engage and motivate your people to get A’s not Zzzzzz’s”. It is important to keep the employees propelled as it directly affects the organization in terms of productivity and hence, profitability.

Mobile HR

With the Millennials living on their smartphones, mobile is no longer a cool addition but rather a necessity for the Gen-Y. Mobile apps are the current trend and are all set to find a place in HR too. Asmore and more employees bring their device to the workplace, companies would be seen leveraging the mobile platform to their best.

User friendly interfaces

HR systems were developed to make life simple, and not more difficult than it actually is. This means having user friendly interfaces is a must. This is on way how employees will be encouraged to try these soft wares hands-on and companies can be seen trying to better each other in this respect. Though, no denying that making it simple could be a lot harder than leaving it complex.

HR on Cloud

The clouds have become the silver lining of HR. HR will be taken to the next level with a lot more companies adopting for this feature, replacing the legacy systems. The major befits from this being cost savings and greater effectiveness.

Social Media and HR

The tech-savvy young generation is highly active on social media and organizationshave realized the power of this medium. Firms will be increasing their social presence this year as it helps in winning the war for talent. There would be no choice on whether a company does social media, but the question would be how well it does it.

Wearable computing

With Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy Gear making its foray, wearable computing is all set to rule the future. And hence, the HR departments of organizations would be found busy drafting BYOD policies with more employees bringing their devices to workplace.



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