Listen to your Employees to find New Ideas

When you run a business, a time comes when you are eventually out of ideas. If you co-own a business, you would probably turn to your partner for more ideas. The more fresh brains you have at your disposal, the better you can handle the creative load. Imagine, having all of your employees thinking for the betterment of the business. It might seem a subtle idea, but employees are probably the best source for new ideas. They are closest to the work, and are better equipped to see new opportunities and have innovative solutions for increasing the efficiency of your business.

So, how can you leverage the creative faculties of your employees?


Create a sense of Ownership

Naturally, employees will be more inclined to work if they feel having a stake in the business. Creating an atmosphere in which you make them feel as being stakeholders in the growth of the business would lead to them thinking more carefully; and consequently will be of help to the company.

Listen to suggestions on improving Work environment

Most managers don’t ask their employees about how they feel about their workspace. A sense of belongingness to the workspace is essential, and that is possible only if they are comfortable. Moreover, it directly contributes to employee retention, which in itself is an essentiality for prosperity of the business. So, frequently ask employees about what they need to work comfortably.

Ask for suggestions on Customer services

Since the employees deal with the customers more than the upper management, it’s prudent to ask them for suggestions on improving customer services. Ask questions like what are the frequent complaints of the customers, which product the customers like the best etc.

Suggestions on Changes

When a business starts, it is architected by a handful of people. However, when it develops to a sizable workforce, there would always be policies or methodologies which would require revision. Asking employees for suggestions regarding these can prove to be very valuable.

The basic strategy is to make employees think as if they are an integral part of the business. You never know, how much progress you can make once you start tapping into the voice of the employees.

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