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A Pen in a Keypad, When it’s Meant to be in a Pen Holder

SQL developer, oracle developer, system analyst, business analyst, test engineer, network engineer, marketing engineer, human resource executive are some of the conventional job profiles in IT/ITES sector. In this pool of ubiquitous profiles, the descriptor “writer” sounds anomalous. We vaguely believe in, writers prevail solely in media field constituting publishing, editing, column writing and so on. So what is this odd man out doing in IT/ITES sector? And why is it indispensable to encompass writers in an incongruous arena? I believe these thoughts would have crossed some of your minds and I hope to demystify it affirmatively in this blog.

A pen in a keypad, when it’s meant to be in a pen holder

The chief objective of this blog is to pronounce the material facts about a writer, to induce an awareness of this unambiguous role amongst the young minds commencing their careers in the most renowned IT/ITES sector and to persuasively enable entrepreneurs to comprehend the significance of potent writers.

Presumably, writers are coined as “Technical writers” in the IT arena. Technical writers possess a spectacular role, in particular with product oriented organizations.

Why technical writers?

You have created a brand new product ingeniously, via commendably advanced techniques. You have successfully scrutinized the functionality of the product. Now, the product is poised to be launched in the market. You are obliged to send the product proposals to the sales lead in favor of auctioning.

It is conspicuous; you anticipate the proposals to be curtailed, distinct, well articulated and vied to captivate the emptor. Well, this is accomplished by professional technical writers. Just as how an impeccable resume of an individual aids in joining the right job, the proposals of a new product is the key factor to captivate the prospective buyers to venture in it.

You have successfully promoted the product and performed trading in aid of the incredible proposals. Now, do you propel a person to provide a demo elucidating the behavior of the product right from scratch every time on requirement? Or do you endeavor to articulate the same, in voice over?

How about offering a manuscript to the users, comprising the comprehensive details of the product? How commendable it would be, to exalt this idea to the next level, by providing discrete editions emphasizing, How to use the product effectively? How to install the product non-erroneously? How to implement? Manuscripts are labeled explicitly according to the mode of the behavior skills. For instance, User manuals, Installation guide, Implementers guide, Release notes are some of the manuscripts labeled according to the utility.

Why not technical writers?

Affirmatively, the significance of providing manuscripts to the end users has been concurred. Well, I presume a question is evoked. Why do we need technical writers to execute so? Is it worthwhile to endure the cost of hiring technical writers? Why not utilize various other sources to prepare the manuscripts? When I firmly believe that my product is capable of doing wonders in the market, why should I rely on technical writers?

Well, though these questions have perhaps been beleaguering you, I believe, no one would like to venture into product sale without equipping themselves with every possible ammunition available. In this competitive world, meticulous work is considered and in every aspect the product should be comparatively distinctive among the competitors. Will you confront the fact of losing a business deal or losing an existing customer because of inept proposals and manuscripts?

Indubitably technical writers

What distinguishes and makes technical writers unique? Is it the manuscripts prepared by them? The prospect of the document possessing the view-point of end users is comparatively higher, when it is prepared explicitly by veteran technical writers.

As a matter of fact, technical writers ensure the queries evoked within them are answered distinctly by subject matter experts. Queries, at times might be ridiculous from SME’s perspective, but not to deny, perhaps be conjured from the end user as well.

When you contemplate to execute this role by an individual persuaded with the product, the probability of paucity in the end user perspectives is possible, which in turn will emulate in the impact of the documents. Besides, the document might be inadequate in lucidity which in turn emanates adverse effects on product sale.

For instance, “Click this button,” “Click this icon,” can be specified at ease by anyone. However, why this button needs to be clicked? What does this button do? When do you have to click this button? These queries are proactively answered by the technical writers in a simple fashion before it strikes the brain of the user.

To illustrate, technical writers fastidiously perform research work via search engines about the product, acquire critical inputs from SME’s, frame the skeleton of the document, consummate the topics, augment the body of the document, ensnare the pertinent screen shots, incorporate the impetus scenarios with solutions in essential areas, complement the document by typical formatting, publish and maintain the document. In a nutshell, the plethora of avocations involved can be indubitably accomplished by means of a professional technical writer.

The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—’the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning - Mark twain

Let’s endeavor in lightning the bug with the aid of almost right word by means of technical writers.