The multi-country spread of workforce across Africa, Europe, Middle East, SEA, India and North America have posed lot of challenges for us at ETG. With the diversified business interests and complexity, we were on the lookout for an Innovative platform that can integrate our people management practices. We were impressed with the thrust Ramco places on Innovation, whether it is Mobility or User Experience. We have successfully gone-live on Ramco HCM along with their business partner SmartMegh which lead the project. We are confident the system will help us to manage all our current and future HR needs and are looking forward to reaping the benefits of an integrated and scalable solution

Shybu Padmanabhan, Group Head HR, ETG


Danube is a household name in the Middle East and we’ve come a long way since the inception of our company. Our thrust on innovation has been consistent with our growth. We have been relentless in our commitment towards our customers and employees. Ramco’s commitment towards being future-ready, coupled with great technological advancements and features like Mobility and Mail It instilled faith in us to partner with them. With Ramco, we look forward to holistic automation, and foresee a seamless functioning of all our HR functions.

Thamimul Hussain, Executive Director, Danube Group


Having revolutionized the travel industry over the years, MakeMyTrip has come a long way to pioneer the entire online travel industry in India. We’ve always managed to stay ahead of the curve by leveraging technology. The fast changing nature of the ecommerce industry necessitated that we focus on right utilization of man-hours and let technology do the business processing for us. With Ramco, we have taken a step towards complete yet simplified way to run employee payroll, ensuring enhanced employee productivity.

Yuvaraj Srivastava, CHRO, MakeMyTrip


We always strive to give the best to our associates. It is in this effort that we initiated the search for a comprehensive HR partner who could address both the global and local statutory requirements. Ramco fit the bill perfectly and impressed us with its advanced technological capabilities like HUB, Mobility, Tag Cloud and Self-Service Portals, coupled with the ability of the solution to integrate with our existing educational system. We are confident that with Ramco HCM our HR operations will move a notch up in service and quality

Kamal Gupta, COO & Regional Director- MENA, Global Indian International School


As pioneers in our industry with a heightened focus on addressing clients in the technology sector, we understand the importance and need for improving efficiency at all levels through technology. Ramco demonstrated great expertise and functional depth in staffing and HR operations, and by implementing their SRP offering, we have been able to get a bird’s eye view of all operations. 

Vishesh Bhatia, CEO, Jumbo Group


Being the specialist retailers in Southeast Asia, the Valiram Group continues to tap strategic business opportunities, while preserving the heritage of the brand. With the growing global presence of the group, there certainly was a surge in demand for a unified, innovative solution that could integrate all our HR operations. From capturing Time & Attendance of staff at retail outlets to monitoring and incentivizing Sales staff was getting tedious with our existing platform. Ramco HCM with its simplified user interface and mobility features perfectly suited our business needs. Given the understanding Ramco exhibited in the Retail industry, its Multi-country Payroll capabilities and comprehensiveness of coverage, we were glad to choose them. With Ramco HCM, we hope to significantly streamline our HR and Payroll operations, enabling us to better channel our resources and expand into newer horizons. Sujjath Ahmed, CIO, Valiram Group


DPLI has witnessed continued success through relentless commitment for best-in-class offerings and we are taking this further through our Digital strategy. In order to digitalize our internal HR processes, we chose Ramco’s HCM solution after a thorough evaluation as they offer a comprehensive, flexible, cloud hosted and mobile enabled best-in-class HCM platform. With Ramco HCM hosted on Microsoft Azure cloud, DPLI will witness an HR transformation and support our workforce on focusing on business critical operations. ” Anoop Kumar Pabby, MD &CEO, DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance

Star Union Daiichi

With the GenY Interface and excellent functionalities we opted for Ramco over other best-of-breed HCM offerings. Automating and streamlining our HR processes, pertaining to the insurance business line, was a mandate and Ramco was the ideal solution to all our requirements. With Ramco HCM, we are able to easily manage and engage with our geographically dispersed employees. We are happy to be associated with Ramco.


What started as a modest beginning has today grown to 7 schools in Santacruz (West), and 56 Podar International Schools across the country. As we continue to grow this network, managing the SBUs centrally from our Head Office at Mumbai was becoming difficult. We needed a robust and functionally rich ERP solution that would provide a strong technology backbone to our growth plans. Ramco ERP on Cloud was a perfect fit as it blended functionality with the benefits and efficiency of Cloud. This, coupled with Ramco’s ability to offer mobility and its user-friendly interface, sealed the deal in Ramco’s favor. We are looking forward to a quick go-live to reap the benefits of an integrated solution.

I can fully assure that we would not have arrived at where we are, without the determined and diligent efforts of Ramco’s implementation team. Our business continues to expand in volume and scope of work as well—we need the system more and more as we grow. Thanks for your help and support

Ramco's software provides endless opportunities for the organization. Ramco made it easier for the Mechanics to switch over from manual mode to online reporting in a simple and easy manner. Ramco's support and onsite teams have been very responsive to our needs. In my experience there is no other vendor that has support like Ramco

The system and support team delivered an effective and reliable solution catering to our needs which we can even modify as the company matures. I recommend this system to start ups and large companies alike, as it integrates various solutions into one excellent interface.

Stefanos Boscolov, COO - WLS

I am very pleased with the level of support from Ramco. It has been very professional, and your people have been on-the-spot all the time. The level of service is first class. The team is very friendly, and has provided good support.

We have been using Ramco Aviation solution for tracking and storing maintenance activities for our fleet of helicopters including component replacements and tracking of component life. I certify that information stored in the system has been found to be reliable. Further, Ramco EAM also satisfies our regulatory and QC reporting requirements adequately.

Ramco's Aviation Suite will provide Republic with critical information and real-time analysis for proactive decision-making. These products will support our ongoing business process improvement initiatives allowing us to optimize our resources and continue to cost effectively provide the most reliable service in the industry.

Use of Ramco Aviation Suite provides Pinnacle with critical information and processes to maintain our fleet and continue to offer our customers the most reliable regional airline service in the country. We selected Ramco due to their strength in the global aviation market, web-centric technology, functionality and proof of delivery.

Ramco Analytics for Bank Performance Management is found to be extremely suitable for providing information on Business Performance Management and for reviewing / monitoring of different business units of the bank. The implementation of business analytics in the bank has been seamless and absolutely smooth, mainly because of the professional approach adopted by the entire Ramco implementation team.

RAs our organization grows, Ramco's change-on-demand model is a key benefit enabling us to bring automation to more and more of our process. We are able to develop large-scale applications with a wide range of functionality and can continuously change and improve on our processes without worrying about the application infrastructure.

We are completely satisfied with Ramco's solution and so are our internal customers, our employees. In short, Ramco has made life easier for RAKBANK HR!

Ramco truly stands by its promise of Creating Enduring Value for its customers. Their reliability was 24x7. They were always available for us. Their support mechanism enabled us to reach whenever we need them.

One of the main reasons for choosing Ramco was the robustness of the ERP system and the flexibility it offered to suit our business needs, especially as unique and as complex as ours, compared to other ERP solutions in the market. Ramco's service, implementation and support go beyond the terms of the agreement-in-writing as the approach has been as if we are partners in business. Today, our experience with Ramco has spread over a decade and we continue to cherish the valued relationship we have with them.

Ramco’s GRP solution has helped us to streamline areas like vehicle servicing schedules and improve the vehicle utilization leading to better customer service

Ramco Real Estate Management Solution has eliminated the operational / data redundancies, enhanced the flow of information, and thus significantly improved productivity and profitability.

Ramco's ERP system has enabled access to real time information, not only to those in the management and the employees, but also to our partners and customers. We have expanded dramatically, using IT. We are able to scale much faster now.


We appreciate the good understanding that Ramco has about our NVOCC business at MGR Container Lines. It is noteworthy to mention that the binding trust with Ramco's team had been established, thus paving the way for a long & lasting relationship. We sincerely thank and appreciate all at Ramco for making this a great success and we feel proud to be associated with you.

Ramco's ERP has a great degree of fitment in addressing our specific business needs.

We have a change-on-demand philosophy when it comes to IT. With Ramco, we can start to develop new processes one week and be up and running three weeks later. Ramco provides architecture that result in a superior Total Cost of Ownership ultimate business flexibility.

In line with our efforts to build a unified vision, we embarked on a journey to bring employees across sectors, industries and geographies together on a single integrated HR platform. By leveraging a powerful, scalable HR solution from Ramco, we will be automating HR processes which will help improve productivity and build a closely integrated workforce. Ramco’s ability to address Middle East specific statutory and payroll needs coupled with its unique intuitive mobile-enabled interface has been a key driver in choosing the solution. We are happy with the first phase of implementation and user feedback has been highly encouraging.

Mr. Mubarak Alshahrani, Executive Manager - IT | Nesma Group

Ramco ERP provides a controlled mechanism to streamline & run Henkel's business processes. Their ongoing support has been quite good. With our long relationship, we consider Ramco as our partner than a vendor.

While we evaluated multiple HCM solutions in the market, Ramco scored in functionality, technological superiority and customer reference. The solution would seamlessly integrate with our existing ERP system thereby enabling a smooth experience for the users. The reduction of paper-based approvals by 70% is indeed a commendable first step towards a better tomorrow.

Mr. Chandra Shekhar Jajware, CIO | Khimji Ramdas

We evaluated solutions from leading vendors but did not find one that could provide as much degree of flexibility and scalability to the way our business grows and changes (both volume-wise and turnover-wise) as Ramco's ERP offering. Testimonials from other reputed customers of Ramco's ERP lent a lot of credibility to the product after which we had absolutely no second thoughts about Ramco's capabilities. Considering these factors, Ramco was but our natural choice.

Ramco ERP has helped us improve efficiency and keep our payroll processing cost under control. Thank you Ramco, we value our relationship with you!

Empowering employees and building an energized workforce is the key to successful enterprise, today. With technology simplifying every aspect of life, we wanted to embrace a scalable and future-ready solution to unify our HR operations across the globe. Ramco exhibited the best of both worlds - Functionally as well as Usability-wise. With a rich heritage behind and global aspirations ahead, we are investing in technology to support our future growth. I look forward to a quick go-live to relish the power of getting real-time visibility into employee data and analytics across the globe on an iPad.

Mr. Sunil Duggal, CEO | Dabur

We are greatly impressed by the professional attitude shown by the Ramco team whether it is the consultants, sales or after sales support that has been given to us. There has been excellent support in terms of providing the services well on time & they truly stand by their motto in terms of creating enduring value for customers.

With operations spread across 9 countries, getting a holistic view of employee operations presented us an opportunity. We realized our business needed an integrated HR solution to stay ahead of the rapidly changing business environment. Ramco HCM on Cloud with built-in Analytics and Mobility was a perfect fit to our needs. Our users were impressed with Ramco’s role based WorkSpaces, which are simple, easy to use and highly intuitive.

Mr. Suresh Menon, Executive Vice President, Human Resources | Kerzner International

Ramco's Extension Development Kit (EDK) is a unique feature of the solution that was used to handle our specific requirements. Through centralization, the status of our entire inventory has been made available across the organization helping the senior management become more efficient in planning and gaining a greater degree of control. We thank Ramco for making this possible and look forward to a long-term alliance.

Avaya sincerely appreciates the diligence and dedication demonstrated by the Ramco team. We acknowledge the enthusiasm and extra hours that Ramco team has put in,to get the payroll out in record time with no errors. We salute the team for a professional approach

Not only has the Ramco payroll processing team helped us by systematically running our payroll without errors for the last 15 months, they have also helped us bring employee self service access 24x7 at a click. They have always responded to our call for improvements with a structured and inclusive approach thereby ensuring the solution is a WIN-WIN.

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