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Singapore-based Ramco Systems' Innovation Lab Unveils Advanced Facial Attendance System embedded with Temperature Recording

Singapore - March 18, 2020

SINGAPORE, March 18, 2020 – The Ramco Innovation Lab in Singapore unveiled today an advanced facial recognition based Time & Attendance System – RamcoGEEK, embedded with Temperature recording and IoT sensor doors to enable organizations move towards a ‘Touch-less’ attendance and workplace access, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

COVID-19 has brought the focus back on ‘Hygiene’. With the Virus outbreak now reaching over 110+ countries and affecting more than 150,000 people; the concern around employee safety and health has gained paramount importance.

The Ramco Innovation Lab unveiled the innovation which drew upon its own facial recognition-based attendance system deployed across multiple organizations, globally and combined it with a thermal imaging device for temperature measurement as well as other associated software. This enables organizations to track staff or visitors with high temperatures that may indicate infection and build in operating procedures to avoid further contaminations caused by finger/thumb based biometric scanners. Ramco Systems, headquartered in Chennai, India, is a global enterprise software specialist which has pioneered many HR-related innovations.

RamcoGEEK for Attendance with Temperature capturing can:

  • Detect and match the faces of staff members and mark their attendance along with temperature; where facial based attendance is a privacy concern, enterprises can replace it with Voice to register access
  • System is linked to an IoT sensor powered door which can restrict access in case the temperature is higher than normal and auto apply leave on behalf of the employee
  • Communicate the information to HR and management in real-time
  • Track the movements of a high-temperature staff in the workplace

RamcoGEEK for Visitors can:

  • Send notifications when RamcoGEEK encounters a person with a very high temperature to the Facility Manager / Facility Admin
  • Track the movement of that person within that premise

RamcoGEEK for Contact Tracing can:

  • Send notifications / Alerts to all those employees, customers, vendors and others interacted with in-person, in the event any person develops COVID-19 symptoms/ diagnosed
  • The Track and Trace system is capable of reading Outlook calendar, Credit card spend data, trip details from Uber Lyft and Grab (subject to permission) to identify people met, Hotels stayed, Flights taken, Taxi drivers used and use this information to help identify employees at risk.
  • Reverse tracing can also be initiated based on data around positive COVID-19 cases from external environment – for instance, a positive case of COVID-19 at a restaurant can alert all employees who have dined at the restaurant to be quarantined (based on bills raised)
  • Help HR set up its own procedures to seek recent movements of the affected person, based on the information provided by the attendance system
  • This piece of software could be leveraged provided RamcoGEEK could get access to the data specified above. And these data could be stored in organization’s premises or could leverage Ramco’s cloud for storing the same.
  • Support authorities with essential information, if needed (e.g., to facilitate contact-tracing)

“We have a major global health pandemic that has affected many. The spread of the disease has brought the focus back on Hygiene and Health of Employees. We built this application to help better address a crisis through technology. Robust containment through a robust attendance and access system with zero contact and temperature measurement can be key to avoid easy spread of the virus that may take place with Biometric access system” said Mr. Virender Aggarwal, CEO - Ramco Systems.

“The launch of the advanced facial attendance system by Ramco Systems is timely, given global concerns over pandemic threats. We continue to see companies undertake a spectrum of innovation activities from Singapore, as they develop new products and solutions to address the needs and challenges of today,” said Ms. Junie Fo, Director, Investment Facilitation, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB).

Complete with chatbots, voice, and facial recognition-based workforce management, organizations can deploy Ramco HR with Global Payroll on-cloud, on premise or leverage as a managed service. The multi-tenant architecture with embedded intelligence and device agnostics features now serves more than 500+ clients worldwide. With innovative concepts of Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, Context-sensitive Pop-ups and Chatbots to carry out self-service, and Voice based HR transactions on Google Assistant & Alexa, Ramco has been setting the benchmark for Innovation in this segment. With statutory compliance across 45+ countries covering ANZ, Asia (including Japan & China), Middle-East & Africa, UK and Ireland, Ramco’s Global Payroll is available in English, Japanese, Mandarin, Bahasa, Thai, Malay, Arabic among others.

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