Transform your Facility Management Service with Ramco’s ERP for FMS

For long, companies having business in Property, Services and Asset Management have had trouble integrating their operation on One Enterprise system. Whether you are into hospitality & housekeeping, guarding & security or maintenance & engineering services, Ramco ERP for Facility Management Services (FMS) sector can help put the smile back on your customers’ faces. Ramco ERP for FMS is an integrated offering addressing your enterprise software needs of managing properties (owned, leased, rented), assets (at customer site), and people (deputed at customer premises for service handling)

Ramco Offers Property Management, Asset Management and Services Management on a single integrated platform and is seamlessly integrated with Accounting and HR and is completely mobile ready.

Ramco’s Integrated ERP for FMS covers Processes right from Contracts to Periodic Invoicing of the customer and everything in between like Site Deployment / Tracking, Roster Planning, Attendance & Work Reporting. The application helps you track Profitability at different levels viz., Region, Customer, Site, and Employee. With informative Dashboards, Ramco ERP lets you monitor all operations in real-time giving you critical information to take faster and better informed decisions.

With Ramco ERP for FMS, you can transform your Facility Management Service and deliver on business outcomes.

Biggest name in FMS domain like G4S,Securitas and Dusters trust Ramco for their ERP needs and other companies from across the spectrum of Facility management like DLF, Faber, Halogen Security and Tenon are also benefitting from Ramco’s ERP for Facility Management services

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  • We went through almost all available options. RAMCO was the final choice because it gave a comfort level having done implementation in similar industries like ours. We had similar pain points of a large geographical spread, multiple bases, large spread, an annuity model of business etc. In our industry, we are on the pioneer side when it comes to automation. I have seen and heard other peers who have tried the usual big ERP suites and have given up midway. That is a reflection of both the vendor and the company side. Standardization of processes is important. Automation only sits upon a set of processes

    Brendon Pereira VP, Corporate Planning and IT
    Dusters Total Solutions


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  • Ramco provided a very good fit, both from the point of view of their functional suitability, as well as for our commercial requirements. It was a very good decision. We have been able to successfully integrate this with most of our business needs. I would believe that this has been a rich and valuable experience for us

    Mr. Jogesh Ramaswamy, CTO | G4S IT