Transport Management Solution (TMS)

Ramco’s Transportation Management System (TMS) is designed to work across your multi modal transport network and manage all your key processes. This covers shipment order management, planning the order based on VSRC (Vehicle, Schedule, Routes and Constraints), load Planning, load consolidation, carrier selection, execution, documentation and billing. Ramco TMS is equally and highly proficient in orchestrating buy and sell sides of the logistics operations to ensure and sustain maximum profitability and service levels.

Proof of delivery can be captured on a mobile device & will be available real time through customer and vendor portals which are a part of our TMS. Ramco TMS also encompasses cross dock yard management and container/ULD Management.

Overview of Ramco TMS Driver Mobile App

Some of the new features we are working on currently include:


Rail Car Management

Features encompassing all rail car operations including loading, rail car-container mapping, wagon-wise track n’ trace and so on.

Commodity Management

Features for all commodity transportation processes that include break bulk and burst, commodity track n’ trace, freight conversion etc.

COD Management

Facilitates end-to-end cash on delivery process


Map Integration

Creation of APIs for integration with HERE Maps.


Toll Management

Enables comprehensive toll management by maintaining toll agency records, mapping routes to toll stations, continuously updating toll charge information in the system etc.

Freight Forwarding Work Station

An exclusive screen for Freight Forwarding, wherein all related information may be accessed and operations performed

Driver Employee Management

Feature for convenient monitoring of history and performance of driver employees

Trip Profitability Management

Module performing in-depth evaluation and generating metrics for individual trip profitability, to optimize costs and maximize utilization on the trip level