Workforce Planning

Planning is a key element in managing Human Capital. With Ramco HCM, planning becomes simplified for HR executives through Workforce Planning, Career Planning & Succession Planning modules.

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning starts with position definition and control that determines the number of positions in a department and the allowed numbers of employees in each of the positions across organizational hierarchy. In order to plan for manpower, the user may download information into desktop productivity tools (such as MS Excel), plan for the manpower, and then upload the plan into the solution. As an alternative, numbers for each position and salary budgets may be keyed in directly.

Career Planning

Career Planning leads a user through a series of career models implemented for an organization in Ramco HCM. Depending upon the employee’s competency an appropriate career model may be selected. Ramco HCM facilitates an organization to define the growth path of its employees and the different growth opportunities available to them. Through a self-service feature, it enables employees to record their career aspirations. The career paths available are accompanied by development programs at each stage, enabling employees to move up in their chosen career path. Career Planning, supported by Ramco HCM, serves as a useful input for the organization’s succession plans.

Succession Planning

Ramco HCM allows you to select employees to succeed retiring/existing personnel on the basis of a competency match. The selection can be made on the basis of multiple decision support parameters such as experience, employee preference, and employee performance among others.

Ramco HCM enables Talent Mangers to calibrate, evaluate and rank both internal and external talent for a given key position, so as to have a clear idea of the top 5 or 10 candidates who are best fitted to succeed. The feature enables the organization to predict employee churn and movements at key positions, mobilize talent in advance to balance the churn, and thus, minimize the risk of leadership discontinuity.

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