Retailers today are faced with the challenge of ensuring enhanced customer experience and loyalty, while maintaining a healthy bottom-line. Most of them realize that the loyalty of the customer is directly dependent on the loyalty and motivation of its workforce. Just as the external customer experience impacts profitability, it is important to maximize the employee’s (internal customer’s) experience to increase job satisfaction, improve ambassadorship, and reduce employee turnover.
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Manufacturing has had a long association with IT and systems. Business strategies are enabled through IT infrastructure, thus minimizing the latency between supply chain on one side and marketing initiatives and customer feedback on the other. The overarching goal is to reduce the Fixed Costs in manufacturing and to gain from better operational practices.
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In the current global economic downturn, the Banking and Financial Services industry has witnessed an adverse impact on its financial performance. The industry now has to deal with an enhanced regulatory environment, and an increased focus on risk management. The industry is also witnessing consolidation and inorganic growth. This necessitates increased operational efficiency, as well as improved workforce productivity and execution ability.
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The Professional Services industry is facing numerous challenges in the current economic scenario. Clients are more demanding, more price sensitive and have far more complex service requirements than in the past. At the same time, they expect services to be delivered both faster and with higher quality. This necessitates organizations to have a view of their global talent pool, and scope and staff their new projects and initiatives better.
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Various industry players like Agents, Carriers, MRO Service Providers, and Fleet Operators play a different role in minimizing AOG (Aircraft On-The-Ground) Time. This means that aircrafts must operate at full capacity and run as per schedules for best results. Apart from handling industry scale problems such as fluctuating fuel price and delays caused by bad weather, airlines fight hard to draw efficiencies from good customer service, compliance to FAA and regional norms, systematic aircraft maintenance, and minimized labor costs.
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