Aviation - Industry overview and trend

As long as an aircraft is flying, it’s creating economic value.

Various industry players like Agents, Carriers, MRO Service Providers, and Fleet Operators play a different role in minimizing AOG (Aircraft On-The-Ground) Time. This means that aircrafts must operate at full capacity and run as per schedules for best results. Apart from handling industry scale problems such as fluctuating fuel price and delays caused by bad weather, airlines fight hard to draw efficiencies from good customer service, compliance to FAA and regional norms, systematic aircraft maintenance, and minimized labor costs.

The Human Capital Management function plays a vital role and may be viewed in the following dimensions.

  • Each talent pool in an airline has a distinct competency model and target. For instance, the Cabin Crew is distinctive from the Ticketing Staff. The former is largely about hospitality, while the latter is about courtesies. One does not preclude the other.
  • Another dimension would be the employment models, which are prevalent in the sector. Employees could be on contract or outsourced.

Accordingly, the Human Resources Management System should be able to address both these models.

FAA regulations dictate cockpit crew behavior and certification. It is therefore important to observe the cockpit crew and ratify compliance to FAA Standards on a regular basis. This would be in addition to the guidelines and expectations laid down by the airline, keeping in view its brand positioning.

Imperatives for HR

Talent Acquisition and development

  • Enable comprehensive candidate profiling and verification
  • Facilitate an employee to understand the business function through Job Rotation & Cross Training
  • Set up a training calendar for staff (refresher training courses of pilots at the beginning of a season)
  • Set up an unambiguous model of business conduct (how the staff should deal with passengers/guests)
  • Set up and monitor route-wise financial targets
  • Monitor special licensing/certification requirements

Compensation & Benefits

  • Set up a payroll structure that allows you to handle flexible benefits
  • Automate Time Management for staff
  • Incent/Reward employees for defined behavior and meeting targets
  • Address complexities of distributed workforce across multiple legal entities and locations
  • Rotational Payroll: Payroll processing for employees without fixed payment frequency Compute Pilots/Engineers Flight Pay, based on Journey logs

Employee Empowerment

  • Enable Self-Service for Life Event Reporting
  • Conduct employee satisfaction surveys

Statutory & Compliance

  • Set up a model of conduct for employees, befitting the needs of the Financial Services industry
  • Conduct audits and surprise checks on staff to ensure compliance with this model of conduct
  • Validate while updating the Rota schedule that conforms to the regulatory requirement
  • Maintenance of “employment equity program” records
  • Achieve FAA Compliance and reporting

Ramco HCM solution

Workforce Management

  • Management of expatriation and relocation
  • Ramco Time Management system is tailored for all employment grades
  • Employee Relations processes such as Grievances and Disciplinary action enable the automation of employee conduct
  • Tracking of absence possible


  • Create a personalized onboarding process

Talent Management

  • Maintain license details and endorsements for Maintenance Staff and Pilots
  • Allow Talent Managers to capture the results of a surprise check or a formal audit on an employee’s model of conduct with the Behavioral Appraisal Process
  • Use Competency Models to define model business conduct and skills to handle jobs

Employee Development

  • Offers Training administration that allow users to set up the training calendar program, enroll for certification programs, monitor their attendance, and capture performance and feedback
  • Allows managers to define how to spot and reward successful performers through the gamification framework and link results to Payroll

Payroll and Benefits

  • Country-specific statutory compliances made available as required
  • Highly configurable and flexible to take care of Payroll elements
  • Ramco In-memory Payroll (Minnal) may be harnessed for quicker results, given that Payroll is highly computation-intensive
  • Capability to address Rotational Payroll
  • Provision to compute Pilots/Engineers’ Flight Pay, based on Journey logs

Employee and manager self-service

  • Comprehensive in scope and accessible from a mobile device
  • Extremely easy to use WorkSpaces, specific to the user roles common in the industry, where all the data needed to make a decision is presented as a chart for quick analysis and action
  • Context aware –the software ‘recognizes’ and knows the user from their erstwhile usage patterns
  • Employee Surveys feature allows vital “employee speak” to reach the ears of Talent Managers

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