Manufacturing - Industry overview and trend

Manufacturing has had a long association with IT and systems. Business strategies are enabled through IT infrastructure, thus minimizing the latency between supply chain on one side and marketing initiatives and customer feedback on the other. Two questions face the industry.

How can they gain flexibility in the manufacturing facility to respond to changing customer demands? How can they gain efficiencies from inter-plant exchanges of resources and parts?

The overarching goal is to reduce the Fixed Costs in manufacturing and to gain from better operational practices.

The Human Capital Management Software used by the organization can play a vital role here by providing an appropriate environment and platform for people to perform. HR strategies implemented on the floor have to align with the level of automation in the manufacturing facility. When the level of automation is high, HR focuses more on employee training and rewards, process improvements and innovation. When manufacturing is labor intensive, HR focuses on incentivising employees to focus on the target at hand.

It must be noted that manufacturing has always rewarded employee suggestions through continuous quality improvement programs and initiatives like 5S, TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean.

Imperatives for HR

Talent Acquisition and development

  • Enable an employee to understand the Supply Chain through programs such as Job Rotation & Cross Training
  • Set up a training calendar for continuous training
  • Gamify the results of the training program to make it fun
  • Reward employees for successful conduct and splash the news on social channels

Compensation & Benefits

  • Set up a payroll structure that resembles an insurance policy, and covers the employee for living, health, safety, social needs, overtime, and other work-related risks
  • Automate Time Management for staff and achieve automated reporting and payroll integration
  • Incent/Reward employees for officiating work, improvisation, units of production, and fabrication

Employee Empowerment

  • Enable Self-Service to report life events
  • Enable suggestion schemes that can potentially be spun off as projects and put reward models in place
  • Help workers tell the world about their achievements at work through Social Media

Statutory & Compliance

  • Set up a model of conduct for employees that is distinctive to a process center
  • Conduct audits and surprise checks on staff to ensure compliance with this model of conduct
  • Collect and assess safety data, and reward compliance to protocol

Ramco HCM Solution

Workforce Management

  • Enables you to define manufacturing work centers as distinctive project areas and track them separately
  • Permits you to define a role (short term) for the employee at that work center with definitive goals
  • Ramco Time Management System is tailored for all employment grades and supports shifts and rosters
  • Supports contingent and temporary (or contract) workforce
  • Employee Relations processes such as Grievances and Disciplinary action enable the automation of employee conduct

Talent Management

  • The Behavioral Appraisal process allows Talent Managers to capture the results of a surprise check or a formal audit on the employee’s model of conduct

Employee Development

  • Captures success and rewards by rotation
  • Offers Training Administration that allow users to set up the training calendar and program, enroll employees, monitor their attendance, and capture their performance and feedback
  • Allows managers to define how to spot and reward successful performers through the gamification framework and link results to Payroll

Payroll and Benefits

  • Country-specific statutory compliances available
  • Highly configurable and flexible to take care of Payroll elements, associated with every aspect of manufacturing such as volumes of production, roles performed, risks, legal settlements (unions), previous dues, life events of workers, overtime, and technology
  • Ramco In-memory Payroll (Minnal) may be harnessed for quicker results, given that Payroll is highly computation-intensive

Employee and manager self-service

  • Comprehensive in scope, and can be deployed from a Kiosk on the shop floor or accessed from the work station
  • Extremely easy to use WorkSpaces, specific to common user roles in manufacturing setup, with all the data required for decision-making presented as a chart for quick analysis and action
  • Context aware –the software ‘recognizes’ and knows the user from their erstwhile usage patterns
  • Self Service is also available on a mobile device
  • The system is “Socially” aware of its employees, if policies permit this
  • Employee Survey feature allows vital “employee speak” to reach the ears of Talent Managers

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