Context Aware

Ramco HCM is not just designed for an out of the world user experience; it helps user complete transactions intuitively, with the user role and transaction context being central to the experience.

Let’s take the example of Leave Management. The system notices the number of leave days entered and intelligently defaults the Type of Leave for the user. While the user can always change the information, in most cases, it will save data entry and help close the transaction quickly. Similarly, for Timesheet entry, the system recognizes the user and algorithmically defaults the Projects/Activities that the user is required to enter, based on the historical data available in the system.

Ramco HCM integrates with geo spatial applications and it is location-aware. For example, in a retail scenario, the employee’s movements in and out of the stores can be known on a real-time basis.

Ramco HCM also leverages GPS and NFC technologies to deliver new age attendance features for a mobile workforce.

In an increasingly changing business environment where a sizeable number of employees are on the move addressing business needs in remote locations, the need to capture employee attendance and integrating it back to payroll has become a challenge. Also businesses are unable to get complete visibility of workforce distribution to enable them to plan resource allocation effectively.

The current attendance mapping systems such as Biometric and Swipe cards are limited in scope, high on investment and does not scale to the needs of geographically dispersed workforce. Ramco HCM with its GPS + NFC based attendance management system is aimed at addressing this pain point of an organization. This revolutionary solution aimed at catering to businesses with a globally distributed workforce, having multiple small office set-ups across locations, or with a need to track employee movements in highly secure work environments. This is also a smart attendance solution that enables seamless and hassle-free integration with time & attendance and payroll.

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