For an organization with multiple locations and products, the payroll process can be difficult and complex, when seen as a whole. If it was to be further broken say country-wise, it would increase the elapsed time and lock up computing resources.

The payroll process must handle a confluence of information streams. Basic pay data, employee claims, time sheets, slab based computations etc. are all examples of these streams. This information needs to be combined in a logical manner to return computed results. The logic involves precedents, rules, and employee-wise exceptions. While computing payroll, resources like memory and hard disk space must be optimized, and database locks ensured for authenticity.


Ramco HCM now has an option to process all of the above in its In-Memory Processing engine ‘Ramco Minnal ‘, which dramatically reduces the overall processing time and frees up resources to ensure greater productivity. The latencies and redundancies that were tolerated for balancing resources and referencing are now removed. The overall efficiency gains are nothing less than what you’d expect from a paradigm shift in computing.

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