Ramco Managed Travel Services

Managing a large business is a Himalayan task. What sets you apart from your competition is your ability to strategize efficiently and make the winning moves in an intensely competitive marketplace. To do this, you’ll need to focus on your core business. In short, wise businesses don’t sweat on minor tasks...they outsource it!

Ramco is a reputed provider of web-based employee travel and expense management services. By streamlining your spend control process, you reap significant cost savings on a large portion of your indirect spending. You’ll also be able to speed up your reimbursement response time and improve employee satisfaction through effective processes.

Ramco Managed Travel Services helps you in:

  • Ensuring compliance both with legislative requirements and internal travel policies
  • Reducing T&E costs and related spends
  • Managing the reporting process with instant access across the claims process, resulting in better transparency
  • Boosting competitive advantage through intelligent expense reporting
  • Increasing employee productivity and employee satisfaction through an easy-to-use, web-based interface
  • Providing an automated mail based travel approval that saves travel costs and makes processes easily enforceable

Services offered:

For Employees

  • Travel Request
  • Travel Expense Settlement
  • Approval Status Enquiry (Request and Expense)
  • Travel Expense Report

For Finance

  • Travel Advance
  • Expense Postings
  • Travel Budget Vs Actual Report

Ramco advantage:

  • A configurable and extendable platform that can scale up to the future needs of any organization
  • Get automatically upgraded with new product releases and product enhancements
  • Flexible to accommodate evolving business processes
  • Single stop shop for product and implementation

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