Transform your business processes; from silos to agile ERP on Cloud

Don’t get stuck with an ERP that does not sync with your business. Go for a flexible, scalable and agile solution.

Ramco ERP is a full-blown, cloud-enabled product that comes with power-packed functionalities that are designed to drive innovation. The ERP product helps put in place automated, advanced and industry-specific solutions for you to effectively manage processes, grow and change on demand. You can dramatically transform your business processes, covering Project Management, Supply Chain, Operations & Maintenance, Finance and Human Capital Management.

  • Improve operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Find opportunities to reduce cost; improve bottom-line
  • Our flexible and scalable product architecture gives you the required agility and frees you from the tyranny of inflexible software.

Reliable profits from reliable assets

Ensure Asset availability and reliability. Cut downtime.

The cost of asset downtime and underutilization of capacity is prohibitive in the Energy & Utilities industry. Ramco brings an easy-to-use, powerful, mature and comprehensive yet flexible Enterprise Asset Management solution with the simplicity of Cloud Computing, to help you manage all aspects of the Asset Lifecycle from Asset Planning & Budgeting to O&M till retirement and disposal. You can -

  • Improve asset reliability by optimizing your maintenance strategy with the right mix of Corrective, Preventive, Predictive and Risk-based Maintenance
  • Get real-time visibility anytime, anywhere into your Asset Location, Condition & Performance by directly integrating with GIS, DCS, PLC & SCADA
  • Manage Work Permits, Shutdowns, Maintenance Budget, Lubrication Program, Work Order, Work Log, and a lot more for sustained asset performance
  • Easily integrate with your existing IT systems.

Precise Billing & Optimized Customer Satisfaction

Improve billing accuracy and collection efficiency. Enhance customer relations.

Ramco’s Billing & Customer Care Solutions for Utilities provides the framework for managing customer billing, credit handling and back-office operations such as payment processing, collections and revenue receipts, as needed. The solution helps you maximize revenue, arrest revenue leakages, improve cost efficiencies and respond to market dynamics within shorter durations.

  • Generate single bill for all utility services; guarantee customer satisfaction at each point of interaction
  • Improve service with smart metering interfaces and delivery of bills through mobile phones in real-time
  • Implement smart revenue collection modes - EFT, portal, third party, banks, credit cards and counters.

Make Better Business Decisions with Enterprise Analytics

Harness enterprise-wide information for better business decisions.

Ramco Enterprise Analytics, a ready-to-use analytics solution, enables complete performance management for your enterprise by giving you a 360-degree view of your business operations. You can

  • Get deeper insights into business performance using powerful multi-dimensional analytical tools
  • Find crucial answers to ad-hoc questions for decision-making at the click of a button or drag-and-drop of the mouse, without involving IT personnel
  • Get faster ROI with a vast repository of pre-packaged analytical content for Financials, Human Resources, Maintenance and Supply Chain.

Increase execution speed and reduce cost of EPC Projects

Minimize construction delays due to lag in information, equipment or material. Execute within budget and on time.

Ramco’s Integrated Project Management Solution offers you an integrated platform for managing all aspects of EPC Projects from proposal and bidding to commissioning and operation. You can effectively collaborate with stakeholders across the supply chain; minimize cost and schedule overruns, control project risks and issues, and so on. Here’s how-

  • Reduce delays due to shortage of material and equipment by integrating core project management activities with material management, purchase, subcontracting, shipping and transportation solutions.
  • Get real-time visibility and control over costs and cash flows with accurate Budgeting & Accounting. Improve profitability.
  • Plan, schedule, deploy and ensure higher utilization of manpower with effective project manpower management and comprehensive Human Resource Management (HRM) solutions for the entire recruit to retire cycle.

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