Ramco ERP on Cloud for Hospitality/ Housekeeping Service Providers

Service with a Broad Smile

In your industry, what delights you the most is the smile on the customer’s face! To bring that smile—and more importantly, to retain it—is what you strive for, day in and day out. The Hospitality and Housekeeping industry is a very service-oriented industry, making the proper tracking of services provided and continual improvement critical to the success and profitability of a company.

Ramco’s Facility Management Services Solution integrates operations and back-office modules like finance, HR, payroll and supply chain management, making it a holistic solution for service providers. Customized to meet all the needs of your industry, the solution is an able hand in managing all processes from lead generation to site assessment, and cost estimation to resource deployment. You can now manage your business with ease, and focus on broadening the smile on your clients’ faces with more innovations from your side.

Stronger bonds with customers

Know your customers. Manage them well. Retain them for life.

Customer is King – this applies more to this industry than any other! The success of any company in the Hospitality industry relies on capable customer relationship management (CRM). With Ramco’s solution, you can monitor the comfort level or status of relationship with the customers effectively through service assessment, problem identification and resolution.

  • Track leads
  • Benefit from cost estimates simulation based on multiple site assessment
  • Manage customer complaints, MOM and action plan
  • Make the most of excellent contract management, linked to operations
  • Let customers access you freely through the customer portal
  • Plan customer meeting schedules for existing and new assignments.

Empowered workforce

Make your workforce a force to reckon with. Empower them with technology.

Workforce planning and deployment, recruitment, training and resource utilization are quintessential to succeed, and Ramco’s solution gives you a perfect platform to achieve this beautifully. It becomes a catalyst in identifying employees who are available for deployment in an area and in allocating identified employees to the assignment. You can perform activities like selection of employees for customer introduction, allotting selected employees to an assignment and removal of the employees from an assignment, as routine processes.

  • Experience better control and visibility with zone-based deployment to the site
  • Track on-job or on-site training provided to employees with a calendar
  • Use rosters to manage the plan for each resource and provide day-wise or shift-wise plans

Efficient Operations

Get a full view of your business. Manage operations holistically.

Starting from lead management, sales, operations scheduling, billing to contract termination, Ramco provides a comprehensive solution to manage all business operations in a user-friendly way.

  • Improve operational efficiency with audit activities and checklists
  • Track contracted manpower vs. deployed manpower, to get better visibility on cost and service levels
  • Reduce costs, improve quality with centralized procurement of consumables for housekeeping.

Accurate billing

Improve profitability with timely and error-free bills. Customize contracts for customers.

Every customer is different and every customer’s contract is different. Ramco’s solution understands this and entrusts you with the power to configure rules and terms for different customers. The system also avoids manual invoice generation and ensures accurate and timely invoices to customers. The result is increased corporate revenues and more satisfied customers.

Key Takeaways

  • Achieve site-level profitability
  • Remove revenue leakages due to disconnect in operations
  • Hold complete control over billing rates, driven by a solid contract management module
  • Implement billing based on the attendance generated from each site.

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