Ramco Government Resource Planning (GRP) Suite—For Smart Governments

Drive a tech revolution to usher in business transformation and augment economic growth. Generate sustainable public value.

Someone has rightly said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” It has virtually permeated and improved almost every aspect of human existence. Considering its huge potential, Governments, worldwide, are embracing innovation in technology to ensure good governance. Good governance, emphatically, expects that Governments and its associated bodies are accountable, transparent, effective, efficient, participatory, consensus oriented and more. At a time when citizens’ expectations from governance are growing, Governments, worldwide, are trying to leverage the power of Information and Communication and Technology (ICT) as a business transformation tool to effectively and efficiently manage all kinds of resources, provide high quality services on time and deliver consistently accurate and professionally managed decisions across its associated organizational machinery.

Ramco’s Government Resource Planning (GRP) Suite is designed to address these needs and modern day challenges faced by Government entities. The GRP Suite is an array of agile, robust and scalable solutions meant for Municipalities, State, Federal and Central Governments. It offers a range of applications to effectively transform your existing IT infrastructure into a more flexible business process platform, so that you can continue to meet your citizen’s expectations, effectively; substantially cut operational expenditures; improve service delivery and transparency; implement policies and move towards large scale technology transformation.

Built upon Ramco VirtualWorks®, an advanced Enterprise Cloud Computing platform, the Suite is a web-centric solution that can be installed on-premises to optimize your internal infrastructure, or on-Cloud within a secure, modern and reliable delivery framework, which does not call for a huge upfront investment in infrastructure.

Ramco GRP Suite has key functionalities built specifically to enable good governance across Municipalities, State, Federal and Central Government levels:

Ramco GRP Suite for State, Federal and Central Government: This is a comprehensive application suite that supports strategic functions such as budget cycle, project management and accounting, and debt management alongside supporting and streamlining operational functions like financial management, human capital management, procurement management etc. It strengthens governance by improving budgetary transparency, fiscal control and predictability. Ramco GRP Suite is an end-to-end solution that enables better decision-making and agility, fosters nation’s growth on the fast-track.

Ramco GRP Suite for Municipalities: The Suite powers Municipalities all over the world (developed, developing and less developed) to address their key challenges that mainly relate to achieving sustained economic growth, reducing their dependency on the central/provincial grants, whilst dealing with improvement of service delivery to the citizens. Ramco GRP Suite can help achieve the municipalities’ goals with thoughtful configuration and monitoring of the policies and actions. The suite is built on established good practices in governance, with which the municipalities can leverage holistically in streamlining business functions such as planning, management and operations across domains, essential and utility service billing and other process areas.