Ramco Enterprise Asset Management Solution for the Public Infrastructure Industry – Fuelling All-Round Growth

Improve efficiencies. Reduce costs. Simplify compliance.

As infrastructure acts as the scaffolding upon which everything else is built, it plays a critical role in determining the quality of life of people utilizing the assets. Being a leading indicator of the economic development and competitiveness of a country, sound management of infrastructure assets attracts investments and helps sustain the performance of existing ones as well. All in all, the management and sustenance of infrastructure assets is critical to the growth of not just your organization, but the whole nation.

As a player in this important industry, you face many challenges right from the development of an infrastructure management policy, maintenance, refurbishment and replacement of strategic assets to ensuring their longevity and sustainability. Ramco Enterprise Asset Management Solution is a comprehensive, innovative and flexible infrastructure asset management system that you can deploy to overcome current and future challenges, and stay on the growth path always by leveraging years of experience gained by helping the industry and governments in implementing infrastructure asset management programs

360-degree view of the entire asset lifecycle

Gain complete visibility over the entire infrastructure asset lifecycle. Control, administer and ensure compliance.

You are faced with a huge challenge of holistically managing assets over their entire lifecycle—from asset planning, acquisition and capitalization, to repair and maintenance, depreciation and asset disposal, while also complying with statutory norms. By ensuring a close watch over the entire lifecycle, with strict documentation and stringent implementation of compliance requirements, Ramco’s solution provides a way out.

  • Ensure accuracy in capital asset planning and assessment of fund requirements
  • Manage asset induction and performance sustenance
  • Maintain a proper asset retirement program with option to sell or scrap.

Manage All classes of assets on a single platform

Benefit from up-to date information on assets. Manage complex asset relationships.

You can now manage different sets of asset classes such as Road, Electric & Water Utilities, Sanitation, Parks, Government buildings, etc., on a single platform, giving complete control and visibility over the asset portfolio.

  • Benefit from a comprehensive Asset Register that tracks asset attributes throughout its lifecycle
  • Build asset ecosystems as hierarchical or networked systems
  • Accurately track asset history

Integrated financial management

No need to go for separate financial accounting software. Benefit from an integrated view and management of financials.

With Ramco Fixed Asset Management Solution, you can effortlessly handle all aspects of fixed asset accounting ranging from acquisition, expense capitalization, insurance premium payments and claims tracking, to depreciation, revaluation, transfers and sale/ retirement of assets. Various reports like Asset Register, Asset Schedule and Asset Depreciation are available at the click of a button to meet your MIS and statutory requirements.

  • Manage end-to-end lifecycle of assets from a single integrated system
  • Evaluate capital investment decisions with what-if scenarios for projecting depreciation
  • Handle asset inventory verification, reconciliation and subsequent triggering of insurance or disposal process, if required.

Keeping risks at bay

Identify all asset-related risks. Plan to mitigate and control them.

Assets represent several risks—ranging from financial to safety. With Ramco’s flexible solution for risk management, you can identify and mitigate all kinds of asset-related risks.

  • Handle asset insurance, claim management and tracking
  • Conduct periodic inspections for risk assessment based on asset condition
  • Monitor physical inventory to track discrepancies, if any
  • Benefit from real-time condition monitoring through integration with DCS/ PLC/ SCADA/ Telematics/ Telemetry/ GIS
  • Implement safe work practices, with built-in permit-to-work system
  • Adopt a risk-based maintenance strategy

Easy and effective maintenance campaigns

Plan, forecast and review maintenance campaigns. Get complete visibility of asset maintenance plans, cost and resource requirements.

You can now plan and forecast maintenance resource requirements using centralized Planning & Forecasting Folders. This enables optimized work scheduling and resource levelling across departments/ locations based on business priority. The maintenance supervisor’s dashboard provides a real-time view of key maintenance performance indicators, trends in conditions being monitored, costs summary and statistics for effective tracking and review.

  • Improve the efficacy of planning with a centralized planning and forecasting workbench
  • Make decisions based on real-time view of maintenance KPIs and statistics
  • Improve resource utilization and reduce downtime with cross department/ unit collaboration.

Effectively address Citizen Concerns

Respond quickly to service requests. Track them till closure.

With advanced technology options, you can now effectively address citizens’ concerns about infrastructure assets. Service requests from citizens can be logged through portals and routed automatically for swift action, enabling accountability, transparency and collaboration between stakeholders.

  • Implement a customer portal to report asset failure or request for service
  • Ensure transparency across the process—right from call to closure, with comprehensive tracking and reporting
  • Automate the whole process for effective collaboration

Managing your most valuable asset – Human Resources

Ensure a perfect skill to job match. Improve efficiency. Help your employees grow.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company. With Ramco’s solutions, you can manage your workforce more effectively, equipped with information on their skill profiles, employee availability, and dynamic scheduling to identify the appropriate personnel for undertaking complex asset-care activities.

  • Ensure the availability of the right skill for the right job at the right time, ensuring higher utilization of scarce resources
  • Identify and plan training/ development needs of employees to enrich them with the right skills.

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