Ramco ERP on Cloud for the Public Infrastructure Industry – Grow & Succeed

Gear up for growth. Smile at success. Do it all easily, perfectly.

As a company in the Public Infrastructure industry, you play a role in the nation’s growth. Whether you are engaged in building, operating or transferring public infrastructure such as roads, bridges, telecom, housing for economically weaker sections, etc., you can now adopt Ramco ERP on Cloud to ensure that your projects are all on time and on budget. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can manage the entire gamut of pre-construction, construction and post-construction activities efficiently and cost-effectively, for domestic and global marketplaces. Speedy and perfect implementation of projects will mean more projects, more profits. In short, you have your road to success all laid out!

Whether you operate in a specific region, across regions or around the globe, you can benefit from industry-leading functionalities and best practices, tailored to public infrastructure companies like builders, developers and contractors. Our solution incorporates several years of industry experience, and can deliver unparalleled performance, optimized profitability and enhanced customer experience.

Keep pace with changing customer requirements

Change is constant. Let’s handle it happily!

Specifications keep changing as the project progresses. You need to keep pace with these changes, yet adhere to delivery schedules and remain profitable. Ramco ERP on Cloud comes to your rescue.

  • Shorten project schedules and timelines with robust design change management
  • Reduce lead times, deliver on time, and improve customer satisfaction
  • Collaborate with your customers and grow with them as a preferred contractor.

Cut operating costs, not quality

Good quality at lower cost is a brilliant formula for success.

Cut operating costs by bringing in greater visibility and control over cost elements. Tap the cost advantages to provide services at a competitive price to your parent contractor, government bodies, authorities and other customers.

  • Optimize inventories and control waste
  • Utilize built-in best practices to manage costs and be competitive
  • Ensure timely revenue realization by rigorously achieving all milestones on time
  • Manage just-in-time (JIT) inventory using Ramco’s Material Resources Planning (MRP) engine, considering project schedule, activity BOM & BOQ
  • Empower your managers with a real-time view of cost elements and their performance as key performance indicators (KPIs).

Stay ahead of competition

Strategize wisely. Chart your route to market leadership.

Increasing competition has a telling effect on your pricing and profitability. Ramco ERP on Cloud can help you zero in on the right strategies to gain and sustain your competitive edge.

  • Perform complex and competitive pricing across geographies for customers & customer groups, and services & service groups. Offer the best prices to your customers and be the most cost-effective contractor
  • Track your Order-to-Cash processes comprehensively - from Bids to Tender, from Tender to Order, from Order to Milestone Completion and from Milestone Completion to Collections. Gain complete visibility and control
  • Fix credit limits. Capture day sales outstanding (DSO) metrics and analyze ageing.Increase your cash flow.

Be on time, all the time

Meet rigorous schedules and completion commitments. Execute on time.

Work in tandem with your customers and supply chain partners to ensure timely execution of all your projects. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can avoid unexpected delays in execution and escalation of prices.

  • Use the comprehensive planning engine for just-in-time procurement, tendering, subcontracting and schedule management
  • Carry out project planning choosing appropriate options and scheduling constraints such as critical path, flexibility, bottle-neck, etc.
  • Integrate Ramco ERP on Cloud with your design, drawing and other engineering applications to ensure real-time data flow for accurate and faster decision-making. Enhance your effectiveness
  • Empower your suppliers with real-time information through the supplier portal
  • Plan, construct, complete and deliver with greater visibility and speed.

Manage projects with ease

Innovate and transform your project management value chain.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can gain better visibility across multiple projects and manage execution priorities better. Complex project management requirements were never so easy to handle!

  • Gain from robust and versatile project management capabilities; adopt the most effective project execution practice
  • Track your project schedule online and enhance productivity by ensuring timely completion
  • Operate efficiently. Automate your project lifecycle including cost planning and budgeting, schedule and schedule management, bid & tender management, subcontracting, automated milestone billing, etc.
  • Training services for customers
  • Leverage daily progress reporting features to validate R/A bill online. Derive complete visibility and make dynamic changes to project priorities.

Ensure transparency

Even when the world is your canvas, handle business with ease and ensure transparency.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can ensure best-in-class transparency and yet remain most effective with regard to price-performance ratio.

  • Initiate e-tender and on-line tender evaluation based on set parameters
  • Register for e-procurement, and submit tenders online saving time and money
  • Ensure transparency in all stages of evaluation, subcontracting and execution.

Optimal management of assets

Enhance the life and worth of your assets. Gain complete visibility and control.

You can effectively manage the entire asset lifecycle, improve asset utilization and ensure availability of critical equipment at the right place, at the right time.

  • Manage the whole lifecycle right from asset planning, procurement and operations, to maintenance budgeting and timely repair of mission critical assets until disposal through sale-off or write-off
  • Manage all asset classes (roads, electric & water utilities, parks, etc.) on a single platform with accurate tracking of asset information
  • Optimize your maintenance strategies as per asset criticality with the right mix of Preventive, Predictive & Corrective Maintenance activities
  • Perform timely inspections and ensure compliance with automated due alerts
  • Completely automate the Permit-to-Works process including permit requisition, conflict resolution & approval, isolation / LOTO, issue, extension, normalization and closure.
  • Reduce O & M Cost by optimizing spare parts, tools and workforce utilization.

Integrate and control your financials

Money is the blood of business. Keep track of it.

Ramco ERP on Cloud can help you manage all aspects of your financial operations comprehensively and provides you the required visibility across the enterprise.

  • Expand your enterprise structure across geographies and business units as per your expanding needs. Consolidate your financials across multiple projects and group companies.
  • Perform segment-wise reporting
  • Create, track and consolidate your budgets. Run budget vs. actual reports to develop real-time visibility
  • Integrate your operations across your multi-company, multi-location and multi-currency enterprise. Use Financial Statement Layout builder to configure reports as per your formats
  • Meet tax compliance norms. Extend compliance during your expansions into emerging markets, locally and globally.

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