Ramco ERP on Cloud for the Chemicals Manufacturers – A Sure-Shot Success Formula

The right technology puts you on the right track. Manage your business with ease. Plan to succeed. Prepare to lead the industry.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of any kind of chemicals – organic, inorganic, specialty, or other chemicals, you spend a great amount of time dealing with ever-changing and never-ending government regulations, overseas competition and quality improvements. There is constant pressure to optimize your operating costs without compromising on safety standards, and to ensure adequate R&D efforts to remain competitive in your markets, globally.

Ramco ERP on Cloud offers you all the functionality you need to manage these challenges and also helps you to integrate the business processes across your organization. Whether your goal is to reduce the time-to-market or ensure timely and safe deliveries to your customers, Ramco ERP on Cloud will enable you to work together with your suppliers, customers and all players in the value chain to satisfy and surpass your growth targets.

Meet statutory requirements head-on

Ensure perfect documentation. Maintain quality. Comply with all regulations.

You need to ensure that you follow the stringent government regulations throughout procurement, manufacturing, storage, and delivery processes. Ramco ERP on Cloud enables you to do just that.

  • Manage product quality with effective item attribute management and checklist based clearances
  • Ensure detailed quality checks at every stage of manufacturing
  • Use checklists to ensure adherence to required norms
  • Attach and maintain relevant certificates using document management capabilities
  • Build taxation requirements into the system and ensure error-free tax calculations
  • Integrate with MSDS software to ensure the right documentation is carried during transportation
  • Make use of pre-built statutory reports to ensure compliance

Manage multi-site operations, in real-time

More the merrier! Manage multiple manufacturing units seamlessly.

More often than not, you will have to manage multiple manufacturing units spread out geographically—located even in remote areas. Managing information and operations across these units can be a hassle unless you have an integrated solution. Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you to seamlessly manage remote locations, with minimal investments, and ensures real-time information flow across the enterprise.

  • Utilize multi-company, multi-location, multi-currency setup to mimic your actual operations in the software
  • Model your actual business processes in the software – be it centralized purchase & finance, distributed sales, or hub-and-spokes warehouse management. Mould the software to follow what you actually do
  • Manage planning of raw materials across locations and ensure timely delivery of materials to the right location at the right time for production
  • Consolidate financial information across all entities.

Adopt industry best practices

Do your best. Become the best.

As a chemicals manufacturer, you need to follow certain practices that are unique to your business. Gain from Ramco’s wide experience in this industry, and adopt the best practices built into ERP on Cloud. Accrue competitive advantages and remain a leader in your business.

  • Implement formula security to ensure safety of your patented products
  • Use yield/loss calculations to track spillage/losses better
  • Maintain product attributes in inventory
  • Manage product ageing and expiry
  • Ensure end-to-end traceability in the whole manufacturing process from receipt of first stage raw material to final product
  • Use dual units of measure simultaneously while managing stock
  • Produce in bulk and sell in different pack sizes

Ensure R&D success

Make R&D more systematized. Keep improving to ensure your offerings are always the best.

Formulation of new products and research & development (R&D) activities are imperative for chemicals manufacturers to stay competitive. Ramco ERP on Cloud supports you well in such endeavors

  • Carry out cost estimates before embarking on R&D of a new product
  • Create a trial formula, carry out trial runs and industrialize the formula after successful trials
  • Define the entire R&D activity as a project with resources, budget, timelines to ensure better tracking and management

Manage hazardous operations with high degree of safety

Safety first - always! Maintain safety standards across processes and products.

Chemicals production often involves handling of hazardous material, and safety of workers, equipment and the environment are key concerns. Ramco ERP on Cloud helps you to handle these aspects of your business effectively.

  • Set up standard operating procedures for all mission critical tasks
  • Ensure timely and proactive maintenance and calibration of critical equipment
  • Manage safe storage requirements by defining storage rules and access controls
  • Put in place a comprehensive governance structure to monitor risks and ensure compliances
  • Integrate real-time data collection systems with ERP for up-to-date information on shop floor, and to track efficiencies

Stay lean through better planning

Manage stocks better. Save costs. Avoid wastage.

In the chemicals business, it is all about planning and managing your stock levels better, given the high costs and hassles of storing such items. Ramco ERP on Cloud takes the pain out of planning.

  • Create better material and capacity plans with Ramco planning processes
  • Manage long- and short-term plans in tune with company planning objectives
  • Define planning strategies at item level for better control – MRP, MPS, Reorder Level, etc.
  • Set rules for planning co-products and by-products

Price your products better

Deliver excellent quality at competitive prices. See the smiles grow on your customers’ faces.

Deliver your products safely, at the right price to your customers. Stay ahead of your competition. Ramco ERP on Cloud for chemicals manufacturers offers an advanced pricing engine to support your pricing strategies.

  • Carry out pricing estimates before manufacturing
  • Perform detailed product costing and variance analysis to control product costs
  • Use advanced pricing engine to set up rules for pricing products