Ramco ERP on Cloud for the Consumer Goods Manufacturers - For Those Who Wish To Delight Consumers

Offer customers better value. Accelerate growth. Be fast moving.

Being in the consumer market, your success is related to your ability to deliver better value to your customers across geographies. Be it demand aggregation, stocking more and more fast-movers, shipping from multiple warehouses across geographies or simply tracing the goods sold, Ramco ERP on Cloud for the Consumer Industry makes your business easier to handle—ensuring that you deliver nothing short of delight to your customers, with every transaction!

Gain from Ramco's years of value chain enhancement experience to fuel your growth. Take it that the traceability of your manufactured and sub-contracted goods is a done task. Focus your efforts more on innovation. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can watch and manage all aspects of your business from traceability to production yield, thereby ensuring the success of your value-engineering processes.

Move in the right direction

Track trends. Identify opportunities.

How fast your finished goods move out of shelves is valuable information. Put that to use and align your efforts with opportunities. So, you can stock moving items rather than the ones that just accumulate. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, you can easily manage stocks in real-time to identify and harness the revenue generators. Drive your business with clear, real-time data.

  • Perform FSN (Fast, Slow and Non-Moving ) analysis to identify the pace of stock movement
  • Swiftly change plans and utilize manufacturing capacity mainly for fast-movers
  • Re-visit reorder levels, reorder quantities and safety stock
  • Control slow-movers and eliminate obsolete stocks. Release cash and realize more profits.

Innovate to race ahead

Continue to Innovate. Launch new profit lines.

With Ramco ERP on Cloud, launching new products is easy. Innovate, design, do rigorous testing and approve your new products within your quality framework. Launch new profit lines with our product data management and engineering change management processes.

  • Do single- or multi-level bill of materials (BOM) and detail your product structure
  • Write your routing sequence to complete your process plans
  • Make changes to existing product structures and process plans as per changing market needs
  • Maintain version control

Improve manufacturing efficiency

Manufacture better. Increase yield and cut wastages.

Changing demographics mean changing demand patterns. Eliminate production worries due to unplanned changes. With Ramco ERP on Cloud, achieve visibility and shield yourselves with effective planning. Simulate costs and produce exactly as per demand and promised delivery dates. Track your real-time yields, tweak resources and activities to template your process plans, cost effectively. Capture data to control wastages.

  • Choose from a multitude of planning options. Use MRP, MPS and capacity planning platforms
  • Adopt capacity planning so you know when you need to add more capacity or sub-contract
  • Estimate your costs prior to production and tweak them for efficiencies
  • Control costs. Study cost elements and resources
  • Do product costing and manufacturing accounting efficiently
  • Perform stage-wise quality monitoring and tighten sampling levels
  • Track work-in-progress (WIP) and control redundancies

Win more customers

Boost sales. Grow your market share. Delight customers.

Often your customers rate you as a preferred supplier. Extend that confidence by giving them easy access to your company, through a customer self-service portal. Perform the order-to-cash cycle in a collaborative framework and cut process time by choosing a short or long sequence for different order types across geographies.

  • Use built-in features to track leads, opportunities, activities and orders. Develop effective visibility
  • Log in blanket orders. Release them based on schedules as and when required
  • Use a multitude of order types to go global (trade sales, exports, transfers, etc.)
  • Acquire order pipeline visibility and plan better to produce, stock and sell
  • Do effective customer-wise pricing. Boost sales with “promos” (price-off, discounts and free goods)
  • Ensure statutory compliance.

Boost shipping efficiency

Deliver on time. Collaborate with customers to maintain lean inventories.

You need to reduce your lead times to your customers as they shift to maintaining lean inventories. Ramco ERP on Cloud for your industry supports this collaborative approach.

  • Track your shipping dates and shipments. Provide advance notice to your customers
  • Develop insights with audit trails and plug past shortfalls. Track upcoming shipping deadlines
  • Accrue efficiencies in the Pick-Pack-Despatch process. Tailor-make them as per customer preferences
  • Rev up Ramco ERP on Cloud’s packing engine. Enable customer delight.

Offer world-class after-sales service

Win customers’ hearts with excellent after-sales service.

In this competitive world, reliable after-sales service is imperative if you want customers come back for more! With Ramco ERP on Cloud, make sure you provide the best after-sales service whenever the need arises. Manage warranties and returns for service or replacement easily.

  • Track sales returns
  • Register customer complaints and use them to improve quality
  • Make service sales orders.

Be in league with your suppliers

Establish win-win collaborations with your suppliers. Make sure you have what you need, when you need it.

Often success is a team work. So, bring your preferred suppliers into your value chain by collaborating effectively with them. Ramco ERP on Cloud has a built-in supplier self-service portal to enable you to collaborate better – this ensures that they know your plans and changes, and can tweak their plans for you in the value-chain. Cut paperwork and network with your suppliers, real-time.

  • Exchange specifications, designs and data over the supplier self-service portal
  • Provide rating feedback to suppliers for continuous improvement
  • Facilitate supplier queries and acknowledgements
  • Enable your suppliers to track their payments from you so they can plan their cash flow.